Dana Tanamachi -> Hand Lettering Chalk Typography

When I was in school I thought my typography teacher was pure evil for having us hand letter the alphabet over and over until we got our kerning and serifs perfectly nailed down. Years later, I now understand and greatly appreciate what he was teaching us. Brooklyn based designer Dana Tanamachi has a collection of […]


ILUVUXDESIGN from lyle on Vimeo.
Post update 01/26/11:
Thanks to Lyle Alzaldo for reaching out to let me know that this animation was created by himself and his friends. The animation was featured on the ‘Present Plus’ homepage to gain awareness around their hiring initiative. Great work!
Original post:
The folks at Present Plus put together this clever animation as […]

Toy Thailand -> joerg

Toy Thailand from joerg on Vimeo.
Notes from Vimeo:
A tilt-shift video by Joerg Daiber.
Shot in Bangkok, Phuket, Tonsai and Railay with Lumix GH2, Gorillapod, 14-140mm and 7-14mm Lenses. Post with Final Cut Pro and After Effects on Macbook Air.
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach – Air on the G String, perfomed by the USAF Strings
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Tilt-Shift Generator -> iPhone App

I just discovered this amazing iPhone app called ‘TiltShift Generator’ available at the app store for just 99¢. It’s a fantastically efficient and easy to use app that generates a very nice tilt-shift effect on your iphone pics. I’ve been trying it on on some of my landscape photos from my Flickr stream as well, […]

Turin Brakes Video - Philip Bloom -> Plastic Bullet Filter

Turin Brakes: Ascension Day from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.
I thought this was interesting… World renowned film director and photographer/blogger, Philip Bloom, just released this music video that he shot with a Panasonic AF-101. The interesting part to me, is that he used the Plastic Bullet photo/video filter software made by Red Giant Software to add […]

SleepyCity.net -> Urban Photography Blog

SleepyCity.net is a super interesting urban photo blog that seems to be based out of London. The photos are very well done and they hit a lot of really untouchable abandoned urban places and spaces that most of our eyes will never see. That’s what I really enjoy about what they’re doing. Documenting. Stop by […]

History of Gaming -> Florian Smolka

History of Gaming from Florian Smolka on Vimeo.
Ahh, this video brings back so many memories doesn’t it? Especially the earlier bit, not to expose my age or anything. This clever video was made by university “Game Design” students from Munich as a video project. I like the overall simplicity and the subtle humor of the hand gestures. […]

John Kestner -> Tableau: physical email

Tableau: physical email from John Kestner on Vimeo.
Notes from Vimeo:
“Tableau is an refinished heirloom nightstand that stores and retrieves memories using a Twitter account. It acts as a bridge between users of physical and digital media, taking the best parts of both. The nightstand quietly drops photos it sees on its Twitter feed into its […]

NYC Blizzard Photos -> Steph Goralnick

I’ve been following Brooklyn, NY based photographer Steph Goralnick on Flickr for a while now. Her photos are always amazingly candid, full of style and stand-out personality. Recently she posted an unbelievable collection of monotone night captures taken during one of New York’s unusually harsh winter storms… so nice! Many more to be found on her Flickr […]

floating -> High Speed Flying Paint Footage

floating from floating on Vimeo.
This is really amazing footage of flying paint. There really isn’t much to say beyond that, other than, I really respect how much talent it takes to capture a subject as difficult as this. The light, motion, color and sharp focus is impeccable. Definitely worth a view.

Power -> Filipp Forberg

Power from fom berg on Vimeo.
This unusual video piece embraces an interesting array of audio and visual techniques that come together in a very nice way… low level frequency sound, super slow-pan tilt-shift and a consistent contrast and subtle vignette that really direct one’s attention to each subject. Kind of dark, seems to have an […]

Wide Angle & Macro Lens Adapter -> Photojojo

I love toys, especially toys that enhance the toys that I already have. Photojojo just added a wide angle and macro lens adapter for SLR cameras to their photo-centric product line. Seems like a nice way to get some extra miles out of that old lens you’re getting a little tired of.
Visit -> http://photojojo.com/store/

Man About Town Magazine -> Kilian Martin

This is pretty fantastic. ‘Man About Town Magazine‘, a men’s style and popular culture magazine has featured the smooth skate stylings of Kilian Martin as a way to promote their latest issue (Life’s a Beach – the Winter Sun Issue). Innovative skateboarding + sleepy 1950’s retro chic = WIN. Nice Art Direction by Atelier Franck […]

Alphabloks -> 3D Type Animation Project

ALPHABLOKS – Motion Typography from Colin Evoy Sebestyen on Vimeo.
This project was assigned and created by professor Colin Evoy Sebestyen as a motion graphics challenge at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. I like that he takes part in the projects that he assigns to his students, seems to be a very collaborative approach to […]

Santa Monica Brand -> Graphic Design

I really love the graphic design coming from designer Mark Brooks and the Barcelona based clothing brand ‘Santa Monica’. They’ve opened up a few pop-up stores around Barcelona and have a bunch of their t-shirts available via the site link below. Nice + clean.
Visit -> http://www.santamonicabcn.com
Visit -> http://www.mark.brooks.name/