Skinput: Projected Interface -> Chris Harrison

Interaction designers have their work cut out for themselves these days, for sure. We’ve got a multitude of iPads, tablets, E-Readers, a bazillion different mobile phone devices, internet TV and many other untapped experimental multimodel, voice and gestural interactions to think about and design interfaces for. In addition to all of that, there’s this intriguing projection based interface called ‘Skinput’, ideated by Chris Harrison. I love this concept mostly for that fact that it’s NOT another screen that I have to carry around with me. I love it for the fact that it’s a more sanitary interface, especially for public ATMs and Kiosks. I love that it’s so much more of a sustainable interface, in that it re-uses a nifty hi-tech preexisting surface that we always carry with us, our skin! There’s so many reasons to explore this direction… very inspiring. Check out the video below.
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