Panoramic Photography -> Piotr Biernawski

Above are small crops taken from designer and photographer Piotr Biernawski’s panoramic photography portfolio. If you enjoy panoramic photography then his works are a must see. Each one is super crisp and taken at a time of interesting light and atmosphere, making them all feel pretty epic. Click through to see many more of his works […]

H&M Amsterdam -> 3D Projection Mapping

I came across this video on one of my favorite design/pop culture blogs this morning while enjoying my coffee. You know how much I dig projection mapping… This example designed and created by agency MUSE was funded by H&M for their new flagship store opening in Amsterdam. It’s absolutely wonderful and full of surprises, […]

Rheinfall Festival -> LICHTFAKTOR

Cologne, Germany based light painting, photography and videography artists collective called LICHTFAKTOR keep rolling out amazing new works, each one more intricate and beautiful than the latter. Since I first happened across their work a couple of years ago, their technique has become more refined and impressive. I love the background scenery and the level of […]

Skinput: Projected Interface -> Chris Harrison

Interaction designers have their work cut out for themselves these days, for sure. We’ve got a multitude of iPads, tablets, E-Readers, a bazillion different mobile phone devices, internet TV and many other untapped experimental multimodel, voice and gestural interactions to think about and design interfaces for. In addition to all of that, there’s this intriguing projection based interface […]

Motor/Ambient Reel -> KU-SCHNEIDER

I tried to grab some complimentary screen shots of the video below designed and produced by German motion and graphics designer KU-Schneider. The stills are quite beautiful, but you have to experience the luminous animation and motion design by watching this video full screen. The constant changing of the the neon rod’s depth of field accompanied […]

The Emerald City of Seattle -> Photo Book (Full Preview)

The Emerald City of Seattle by James H Schneider jr | Make Your Own Book

It’s been almost exactly six months since I published my first Seattle photo book called ‘So Far Seattle’, using the Blurb book making application. I made a promise to myself that I would publish a second book featuring moments from the […]

Lori Nix -> 'The City' Photo Set

I love these unkempt urban dioramas by Lori Nix. Above are just three examples of a larger set from her portfolio site called ‘The City’. Instead of going out and finding these spaces in real life she meticulously renders each one as a three dimensional model, and then beautifully photographs them. I’m pretty blown away […]

As The Stars Fall -> Artificial Sun

As The Stars Fall – Artificial Sun from AS THE STARS FALL on Vimeo.
I really enjoy the sounds, sights and overall aesthetic of this music video coming from Paris, France based music group ‘As the Stars Fall’. I feel that the very personal and candid approach to the video production gives the already magical soundtrack […]

Musically Inspired Album Covers -> Simon Page

I came  across some fairly new works by Simon Page on his Flickr stream yesterday, which then led me to his Behance page. Apparently, he’s been working hard on a lot of album covers. The above covers were all inspired by ‘simply listening to the music’, as he states on his Behance project page. The […]

How Ink is Made -> PrintingInk Company

This is a very interesting glimpse into the process behind producing the ink that we use everyday in our color printers. A very involved process that requires a lot of precision and care that many of us take for granted. The video is well paced, full of detail and nicely shot, making it an entertaining […]

The Unseen Sea -> Simon Christen

The Unseen Sea from Simon Christen on Vimeo.
Photographer and videographer Simon Christen compiled the above time lapse shots taken in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. They are some of the most dramatic environmental transitions that I’ve seen to date. His works are remarkably well done and very inspiring to those of us who […]

Google Street View -> Stop Motion Video

GOOGLE STREET VIEW from Sehsucht™ on Vimeo.
Google Germany funded this amazingly detailed stop motion ‘google street view’ video for use as a promotional campaign for the service (produced by Sehsucht Berlin GmbH & Co KG and directed by Mate Steinforth). Full of entertaining transitions drawings and photos, the amazing work done by Sehsucht™ really speaks for […]

All Saints Clothing -> Seattle Storefront + iPad

Today I stopped in and took some pics of the newest retail addition to Seattle’s downtown shopping district, ‘All Saints Co.’ (based out of London). Aside from the nice retro typography, fluid branding and tall windows impressively stacked floor to ceiling with vintage sewing machines, I was also pretty excited to see iPads spotted throughout […]

Veerle Pieters -> Inspiration Stream

If you have a second to spare today and you enjoy retro-classic illustration and typography, you should check out Belgium based designer Veerle Pieters’s ‘inspiration stream’. She’s taken the time to curate a nice collection of retro-kitche works by various designers and artists. Her entire site is a great place to click around for inspiration.
View […]

Cloud Cult -> There's So Much Energy In Us (Live on KEXP)

An old friend of mine from back east (NYC) turned me on to this Minneapolis based band called ‘Cloud Cult’ recently. If you like the eclectic and textured sounds of bands like The Broken Social Scene, The Deadly Syndrome and Grizzly Bear, I think you may find Cloud Cult to be to your liking as well. […]