Digital Life -> Digital Consumer Data Visualization

Research and marketing analytics firm TNS Global created the above pictured data visualization tool called ‘Digital Life’. They have interviewed tens of thousands of consumers world-wide in order to research and study their daily web-use in the hope of providing corporations and businesses with helpful information and guidance in today’s unpredictable market. The design alone is worth […]

Happy Halloween -> iPhone Pics/Tumblr

Recently, I’ve been having a lot of fun posting to my ‘Chris Kalani’ themed Tumblr blog (Chris Kalani is the designer and creator of For the most part I use the blog to post daily pics from my iPhone or some of my shots from my Canon 7D. Halloween is one of my favorite […]

The LightLine of Gotham -> Architectural Projection Mapping

The LightLine of Gotham from seeper on Vimeo.
This is a very nice example of architectural projection mapping, corporately sponsored by Honda and shot at the Frank Gehry designed IAC HQ building in Manhattan. I really love this technology and I believe that we’ve only scratched the surface of it’s full potential and end-use.
More ->  Image Mapping […]

Ensemble: The Style of Music -> Poster Series

The smart and entertaining illustration/poster design series above is coming from a Toronto based illustrator named James Alexander and designer Glenn Michael of Moxy Creative House. The concept is great. In short, it’s a series of posters documenting the the style of music featuring iconic outfits from 20 male musicians. Shown above, is the main poster […]

Sevnthsin -> Distance Makes No Difference

My buddy Jamey Erickson is always up to something interesting and fun. Whether launching weather balloons to take pictures of the outer stratosphere, prepping for his next outrageous Halloween costume (I’ll spare you the visuals) or just coming up with interesting ways to make his Minneapolis based design studio Sevnthsin an inspiring place to work… he’s bubbling […]

'I have PSD' -> Hyperakt

I Have PSD from Hyperakt on Vimeo.
Those of us who are heavy Photoshop users have had these “if only I could use the history window to go back in time” moments before. This is a fun play on that idea coming from the folks at in Brooklyn. Makes for an entertaining view.

IBM -> 'Power your planet' ads/illustration

I remember seeing one of these beautiful IBM ads in the New York Times earlier in the year but I had no idea where they were coming from or who created them, until today when I happened upon them on Behance. The illustrations were created by Vienna, Austria based David Mascha. He focuses on Art, illustration, […]

Wanderlust -> Thinklab

Wanderlust from Thinklab on Vimeo.
This is a very well shot and edited travel documentary by the talented folks at It was inspired by a TED talk by Stefan Sagmeister, I’m making a guess here, but I think it may have been this one -> ‘The Power of Time Off‘. I am always impressed by […]

22Tracks -> Music Discovery/iPhone App

Roughly this time last year I posted about a diverse online/web radio station called 22Tracks. The station is fueled by a select group of Amsterdam DJ’s, and they’ve been keeping it going strong all year. So strong, that today, I was psyched to discover on that they have released an iPhone app that functions […]

Marco Puccini -> Illustration + Design

I really like Marco Puccini’s overall style, super modern and perfectly on-trend with a nice overlay of texture and distress that gives each piece a vintage quality. His Tumblr blog is full of really nice design, type and illustration to gain inspiration from. I also like that his portfolio site is pretty much a straight-up […]

Poolga iPhone App -> Michael Paukner Illustration

I guess this has turned out to be a two-part post… One part, to bring attention to a new iPhone/Pad/Touch app called Poolga, that is a great source for illustration and designed wallpapers. Really nice works from some very talented designers and artists can be downloaded through the Poolga app right to your device. The […]

Experimental Tribute -> Chris Carter

Experimental Tribute from Chris Carter on Vimeo.
Alright, I just had to post this video. I stumbled upon it tonight while browsing some stuff on Vimeo. Myself, being a bit of a ‘pedal head’ brought on from hours of experimenting with my guitar has led me to become interested in outrageous configurations like this. Very fun, and very surreal.
Notes […]

New Worlds : Opening Up -> Christoph Ruprecht

Christoph Ruprecht is a creative director from Germany with some serious chops in graphic art/design and typography. His works transcend the bounds of print design and extend into the realm of fine art. Much of his graphic design reminds me of works by the great surrealists Miro, Dali and Tanguy. You’ll have to check out […]

MOCA Taipei -> Projection and Paper Sculpture

chiral | documentation projection & paper sculpture | MOCA Taipei 2010 from Robert Seidel on Vimeo.
A new friend sent me a link to this very intriguing multimedia projection on paper sculpture project earlier in the week. I really enjoy the overall visual effect and the mood set by the musical score and the quality edit. The […]