The Qualities of Light -> L.A. Artist 'Visual Displays'

I think what I like best about the videography work coming from L.A. based ‘The Qualities of Light’ is the diversity and freshness of their content. The following excerpt from their website manifesto say’s it all, “visual displays to highlight the lives of inspiring people or organizations within the Los Angeles area”. There are only […]

MeMe - Wanderland -> Kristof Luyckx

The quirky and unique works of Ghent, Belgium based illustrator, animator and motion designer Kristof Luyckx caught my attention the other day when I happened across his new video for recording artist ‘Hermanos Inglesos feat. MeMe – Wanderland’ (below). His character styling and animation techniques give him a flavor of his own and are very […]

Pen Pencil Stencil -> Mark Giglio Design

The design work coming from Oakland, California based Mark Giglio is bright, clean and full of energy. His portfolio site showcases some nice graphic poster prints, more smart wooden sculpture and some T-shirt designs. Pretty fresh work, all in a fun package beyond the link.
Visit ->

35mm -> Pascal Monaco

35mm from Pascal Monaco on Vimeo.
Nice motion design, fun references to 35 motion picture classics and a great soundtrack easily pulls you along from beginning to end of this 2 minute journey through the history of film by Hannover, Germany based designer Pascal Monaco. You can check out more of his work via the link […]

Creative Imagery 'Zefiro Torna' -> Lieven Dirckx

These stunning photographic images by Lieven Dirckx remind me of the rich, deep, luminescent ‘old master’ oil paintings that I’ve spent time in front of, with jaw dropped, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The works by Rembrandt in particular come to mind… Only, these images venture into a very surreal and dreamlike place and […]

Tempus II -> Philip Heron

Tempus II from Philip Heron on Vimeo.
Shot with a Photron SA1.1 high speed video camera this video by Philip Heron takes us through a series of captivating slow motion captures. I think my favorite part is the bit with the egg and the mousetrap. Makes for a really interesting view.
View ->

Mannequin Portraits -> JHSINDESIGN Flickr Set

Last weekend I caught myself taking another randomly found mannequin photo while walking around the Fremont Sunday outdoor market (the top black and white image). Over time I’ve accumulated a few these mannequin shots, so I’ve decided to create a little Flickr photo set of them that I hope to expand upon. More beyond the […]

Chemistry for life -> Dosdecadatres

Chemistry for life from Dosdecadatres on Vimeo.
Madrid, Spain based agency ‘Dosdecadatres’ is responsible for the beautifully crafted video above, which was created for the 7th ANQUE’s International Congress Opening credits. The soft blue coloring, smart typography, fluctuation of depth of field and complimentary musical score holds my interests well and makes this video a pleasure […]

Meet Flipboard -> Content Aggregate iPad App

My ‘old school’ pal from way back in the the day when most of our time was spent trying to score change to play video games (arcade games, the kind you stood in front of at a mall) sent me this link yesterday with one simple statement attached -> “this is why you want to […]

Liquify! -> Aira

LIQUIFY! by Aira from Aira on Vimeo.
To me, this video captures the epitome of summer play in a short but sweet span of 1:23 seconds. Well captured, filled with great light, color and interesting aquatic moments that take me back to the days of my favorite summers on the Jersey Shore. A great view for […]

Lagoa Technologies Inc. -> Multiphysics 1.0

Lagoa Multiphysics 1.0 – Teaser from Thiago Costa on Vimeo.
I saw this video on my friend’s Facebook wall today (thanks Matt!), it’s a Multiphysics simulation by Lagoa Technologies Inc. This motion demo shows off new software that creates amazingly realistic physically based CG effects. Very nice motion reference for those who love to explore how […]

Poster Print Design -> Ruben Córdoba Schwaneberg

Ruben Córdoba Schwaneberg is a very talented designer based in Barcelona, Spain. His type, sense of color and imagery feels extremely fresh to me. He specializes in motion graphics, illustration and character design. The above images are from his poster set collection that he calls ‘Melancoloric’ and can be seen with a few more via […]

Photographer -> Levi Wedel

The photography of Calgary based photographer Levi Wedel is crisp, light conscious and dead-on when it comes to framing and composition. He shoots primarily with a Hasselblad 903SWC film camera and enjoys printing his works ‘old school’ or analog. He also curates a fresh photography blog called ‘Images Found’, where he showcases images he’s found […]

Freedom Tunnel -> Charles le Brigand

Above are a few nice stills from the below short video documentary of one of NYC’s more mysterious hidden underground places called ‘The Freedom Tunnel’ that many New Yorkers may have heard about, but few have actually seen with their own eyes. I really like the degree of contrast and vignette used in these shots, […]

So Far Seattle -> Photo Book (full preview)

I’ve posted about my photo book project a couple of times here on, and I’m now posting to let you all know that it’s finally up for a full preview and if you really, really dig it… for purchase on I had a great time taking the pics, pulling them all together and […]