Playful™ Font -> Hype for Type™

I took notice of this font called Playful™ the other day while browsing work on the Behance’ network. Judging from the creative examples above it seems to be a very versatile font. I think the 3D renderings are my favorite. Many other uses are to be seen on the Behance’ site, including the unaffected set. Great […]

KraftWork -> Seeper (image mapping projection)

KraftWork from seeper on Vimeo.
The above video by KraftWork is a nice new example of architectural image mapping. I especially like the Tron-ish white line/hairline rendering towards the beginning of the video, feels unlike anything that I’ve seen before coming from this creative medium.
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OFFF Paris 2010 -> Julien Vallée

The talented Julien Vallée has some new motion design work on his portfolio site. This time, less focused on papercraft and more about quirky little life subtleties that seem to play up the old expression ‘less is more’ in a big way. As the video plays through each odd scene becomes a bit more surreal, […]

Florian Tremp -> Miniature Photography

The amazingly detailed miniature scenes above were shot by Swiss photographer Florian Tremp with a Canon EOS 400d. As part of a set called ‘No Country for Small Men’ I find them to be extremely entertaining to look over. What really stands out for me across his body of work is his attention payed to […]

Coalition of the Willing -> Coalitionfilm

Coalition Of The Willing from coalitionfilm on Vimeo.
24 talented motion artists have come together for a good cause… not much else to say. Have a look.
Notes from Vimeo Page:
‘Coalition of the Willing’ is a collaborative animated film and web-based event about an online war against global warming in a ‘post Copenhagen’ world.
‘Coalition of the Willing’ […]

Photographer -> Noran Bakrie

Indonesia based photographer Noran Bakrie has captured some truly magical shots. I’m not certain what kind of equipment is being used, but I really do enjoy the retro feel of the final output. Above is a small sampling of the many great photos that reside on Noran Bakrie’s site.
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Tristan Perich -> 1-Bit Symphony

Tristan Perich: 1-Bit Symphony (Part 1: Overview) from Tristan Perich on Vimeo.
This is an interesting album concept by Tristan Perich that I found on this morning. In short the album is equipped and able to produce it’s own original music on the fly when the user turns it on. Be sure to adjust your […]

Seattle Photo Update -> JHSINDESIGN

Here are some recent highlights from my ‘So Far Seattle’ photo set on Flickr. The city of Seattle continues to throw me amazing photo opportunities. I’ve been sticking to mostly urban shots lately but I plan to broaden my subject matter this summer by venturing into some of the amazing mountain parks and shoreline areas.  I’ll keep […]

World Cup Poster -> David Watson/Trebleseven

Designer David Watson of Trebleseven Studios created the above colorful, typographic World Cup poster. Another nice example of the popular subtractive coloring technique that I so much enjoy. If I had some more room on my walls to squeeze this one in I’d definitely pick one up. You can purchase the print from his website […]

Indie Album Poster Prints -> Noa Emberson

Honolulu based graphic designer Noa Emberson created these indie record cover poster prints as a personal tribute to his top twenty five indie albums. He’s included interesting information on each band and album as well as a nice typographic header that runs consistently throughout the collection, making them great collectibles. I see these as being […]

OK Go -> End Love (Official Video)

I discovered this new video called ‘End Love’ by OK GO on a friend’s Facebook wall today (thanks Chris!). It’s definitely on par with what OK GO has smartly conjured up for themselves in the past, actually, this may be my new favorite video from them. Great slo-mo shots contrasted by high speed motion blur, and […]

Printed Offset Lithography -> Katsui Mitsuo

I came across these amazing poster prints while browsing graphic designer/artist Ellen McFadden’s Flickr stream last night. They were created by a Japanese designer named Katsui Mitsuo (Font computer designed poster by Katsui, Mitsuo 1998) and are part of a printed offset lithography collection. I really appreciate these works for their color and the overall sense […]

Depot Visuals -> 3D Renderings

The 3D renderings posted on Depot Visuals’ Flickr photostream are extremely unique and fresh. I find myself wanting to look them over in great detail, and there is a lot of detail to cover. Part organic, part geometric they seem to transcend all lines of the ordinary and expected, which, to me, makes them all […]

WTF is HTML5? -> Infographic

We’ve had a lot of discussion around the workplace about HTML5 and how it will effect our interactive realm. It’s a bit challenging to get your head wrapped around what it is exactly and what it will allow us to do. I love the above info graphic because it really does help to visually explain […]

Ross Gunter -> Poster/Print Design Typography

I came across Ross Gunter’s super clean poster print design while browsing Behance the other day. I dig his brand of the international typographic style and his bold color sensibilities. With those two skills combined there is little that can go wrong, if you ask me. His site is full of great works and is […]