iWatch Concept -> ADR Studio

To me, there is nothing better than a well visualized concept. You can put something down in words, discuss it or wireframe it out for months, even years, but until you render an idea in a way that’s true to life it’s difficult to fully understand the potential. The ‘iWatch’ concept by Naples based ADR […]

Dan McPharlin -> Paperkraft Analogue Miniatures

London based artist and designer Dan McPharlin has created a nice collection of beautifully rendered paperkraft analogue miniatures and posted them for us to enjoy on his Flickr stream. The detail is pretty astonishing and his use of color for small accents on buttons and wires just makes them a lot of fun to look […]

kevin Cyr -> Van Drawings (update)

I ♥ the work of Brooklyn based Kevin Cyr and have posted about his amazing paintings and drawings in the past. It’s good to see that he’s continued to hold steady on his subject matter and has updated his site with more great work. This time he’s added some interesting tones and textures to his […]

Google Chrome -> Speed Tests

Most of us have experienced and enjoy the speed that comes with Google Chrome. A work friend of mine sent me this incredible video yesterday. It’s level of production alone is worth checking out, super crisp slow motion and nice lighting… but what really pushes it over the edge is the creative ‘Rube Goldberg‘ domino […]

Ken Hermann -> Photography

I’ve been getting into portrait photography lately, trying some of my own… mostly failing. Often times, I’m too shy to approach a stranger, or sneak a shot. I have a total respect for the art. Copenhagen, Denmark based Ken Hermann has the ability to capture unbelievable portraits of interesting people in their own settings. Actually, […]

Thinking is Fun -> Davis Silis

Thinking Is Fun from Davis Silis on Vimeo.

Brilliantly ridiculous. Well executed retro style complete with old diagrams and even the appearance of a cigar and martini. What else do you need to help conjure up some really smashing ideas? This is definitely my brand of humor.

Studio Sport -> Typography/Design

Zurich based designers Ronnie Fueglister and Martin Stoecklin are the design duo behind ‘Studio Sport’. Their lo-fi minimalist site serves as a more than appropriate platform for their clean and crisp typographic masterpieces, that range from posters to annual reports worthy of display the the MOMA. I’ll definitely be taking some notes from these talented […]

eBoy -> iPhone App Preview

eBoy FixPix [iPhone] – Preview from CreativeApplications.Net on Vimeo.
I’ve been a fan of eBoy since they emerged from a different planet in 1997. I remember how unique their style of stacking pixels seemed to me at the time. Now, unless you’ve been living in a pixel-less cave somewhere their work has become fairly common and […]

Seattle Camper Vans -> Continued...

If you frequent my blog, which is wishful thinking on my part, you may have noticed the radio silence over the last few days. A couple of times a year I actually get to see my parents in person. This past weekend they were able to come out for a visit and it was their […]