So Far Seattle -> Photography Book Preview

I was pretty busy over the weekend, trying to make some headway on my photography book project that I’m calling ‘So Far Seattle’. A few weeks ago I previewed a test print of the book and received a lot of positive response, feedback and tips on how to go about producing a more refined version. After some trial and error I decided to try out a service called ‘blurb’ and their bookmaking application called ‘BookSmart’. Thanks again for the recommendation Katie! Above are a few spreads + the cover/back/sleeve (shown in the ‘BookSmart’ work environment) that I’ve completed so far, the hard bound book is going to be 80 pages total. I’m not sure how many I plan to print yet… I’ll probably do another test print and see how people react to it before I send out for more. Let me know what you think! There is a low-res 15 page preview available via the link below:
Preview 15 Pages ->
Old Test Print ->
Visit ->

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