9 0 0 0 -> Typography/Design Flickr Stream

L.A. designer/artist known as ‘9 0 0 0′ continues to crank out a broad array of stimulating design on his Flickr stream. These graphic works appeared on my ‘latest photos’ from my contacts feed last night, and for some reason they just stuck in my mind till this morning. With these, and with his other […]

The Black Keys -> Tighten Up

The Black Keys – Tighten Up – Official Video from Chris Marrs Piliero on Vimeo.
I’ve been a ‘Black Keys’ fan since ‘The Big Come Up’ and ‘Thickfreakness’ days (2002-2003). It’s been a lot of fun to watch them evolve gracefully as a band over the years, they haven’t lost their dirty blues style. This video […]

iPad + Velcro -> Jesse Rosten

iPad + Velcro from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.
This clever video has been spreading through cyberspace at lightning speed the last couple days, and rightly so. There’s no doubt that the iPad really does make itself useful in so many endless ways, so, having a super flexible mounting system that can apply to a billion different […]

Zoltán Vancsó -> True Life Photography

It would be incredible if we had the ability to harness time, stay within the good moments and savor them completely.  Zoltán Vancsó is somehow doing exactly that with every picture he takes. To me, they are all pure perfectly captured moments in life. Regardless of equipment, money, culture or land, he’s just locked them […]

Grove Made -> Laser Engraved iPhone Cases

I was just speaking to someone yesterday of the apparent fluidity and unlimited potential for the iPad/iPhone/eReader/mobile anything case sub-markets and then coincidentally, later in the evening stumbled upon this interesting company called ‘Grove Made’ who makes these nifty laser engraved bamboo iPhone cases. Pretty slick. I found this on one of my favorite posterous […]

Metronomy 'On The Motorway' -> Jul & Mat

Metronomy – On The Motorway – by JUL & MAT from JUL & MAT on Vimeo.
This is an unofficial video for ‘On The Motorway’ ‘Metronomy’ (an 80s-ish pop group from the U.K.). This aspirational/upbeat instrumental track combined with the bright rhythmic splatters of fluorescent paint should help place some energy behind your clicks… If not, […]

So Far Seattle -> Photography Book Preview

I was pretty busy over the weekend, trying to make some headway on my photography book project that I’m calling ‘So Far Seattle’. A few weeks ago I previewed a test print of the book and received a lot of positive response, feedback and tips on how to go about producing a more refined version. […]

Jordan Metcalf -> Design and Typography

I came across Jordan Metcalf’s design and typography works this week while clicking around another designer’s Flickr stream. His works are super tight and really fun to click through, you can just tell by how perfectly rendered his type is that his level of passion is off the charts. The above are just a couple […]

Heiko Waechter -> Photography

I’ve recently come across the fantastic work of photographer Heiko Waechter. I love her sense of light, color and compositional balance. She has the uncanny ability to produce images that are consistently bold in contrast and extremely graphic, one beautiful shot after another. Many more beyond the link.
Visit -> http://www.heikowaechter.com

ASCENSION -> Chris Lavelle

ASCENSION from chris lavelle on Vimeo.

Some very interesting particle animation and lighting effects coming from 3D artist Chris Lavelle (notes below from Vimeo page):
The finished piece. An experimental piece based around particle system generated by music and sound, pieced together to create a narrative of a cycle of life. Hopefully reflecting warmth, confusion discomfort and […]

Two Minutes -> Maxime Bruneel

F.an / TWO MINUTES from maxime bruneel on Vimeo.
Shot with a 7D at the Montreal Piknicelectronik festival, Maxime Bruneel brings us this visual trip, where shapes, colors and light are not always as they seem. Makes for an interesting view.

Simon C. Page -> Graphic Design/Type

U.K. based Simon C. Page has amassed a ton of fresh poster prints, graphic renderings and typography experiments for all to see on his portfolio site, Behance page and Flickr stream. Nice clean, bold and inspiring work beyond the links below.
Visit -> http://simoncpage.co.uk
Flickr -> http://www.flickr.com/photos/simoncpage/
Behance -> http://www.behance.net/Gallery/

Favela Painting Project -> Praça Cantão in Santa Marta

The Fevala painting crew is working on a project called ‘Praça Cantão’ that’s currently taking place in Santa Marta, judging from the photos it’s coming along really well. The scale and overall coverage alone of this community art project makes it an amazing and inspiring feat. Be sure to check out the Fevala site where […]

Hipstamatic Camera -> iPhone App

I’ve been keeping a simple posterous iPhone pic blog for a while now. I like to post all the random day-to-day stuff that I come across, recently I’ve been posting sound clips from my guitar practice sessions as well… all in good fun. Those are three of my latest shots above. Lately my pic uploads […]

Heart and Soul of NYC -> Kevin Couliau

Red Cafe – Heart and Soul of New York City by K1X from K1X on Vimeo.
This video reminds me of all the time I spent watching b-ball games just outside the West 4th street station in the village. Just killing time, in the summer, in NYC, there really is no place like it. It’s a […]