Art of Formula D -> Will Roegge

Art of Formula D: 2009 Retrospective from Will Roegge on Vimeo.
In great contrast to the automobiles I posted about below, this well done documentary captures the exciting world of ‘Formula Drift Racing’. If you haven’t seen this unique style of racing before you’ll get where the name comes from as you watch the video. The rules are very different from traditional racing rules… description from wiki page:
“Formula D rules are structured so as not to encourage drivers to overtake their opponents; doing so incurs a penalty. Overtaking is only permitted when the lead car makes a mistake such as coming to a complete stop or going completely off course, whereas in D1, being overtaken is seen as a disadvantage to the driver, incurring a loss.”
It’s a nice edit overall and a great showcase of some truly remarkable driving. Well worth a view if you have a few minutes to spare, best in full screen.
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