Clutchy Hopkins -> Verbal Headlock

Clutchy Hopkins – Verbal Headlock from Ubiquity Records on Vimeo.
The above track and stop motion video is from the new Clutchy Hopkins album “The Story Teller” on Ubiquity Records. Awarded among the year’s best on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide show on BBC Radio 1. Directed by Amsterdam based art director and film director Christian Borstlap ( […]

Speed of Light -> United Visual Artists

United Visual Artists (UVA) is a London based art and design practice. They have recently created ‘Speed of Light’, which is an an immersive light installation funded by Virgin Media in order to celebrate the tenth anniversary of broadband in the UK. Their clean site contains loads of great video (video diary #1 of 4 […]

Malaventura -> Audiovisual sampler (in action)

Malaventura’s Audiovisual sampler (in action) from malaventura on Vimeo.
This piece was recorded live and made with Quartz Composer for Video & Ableton Live for the audio. I’ve had an interest in monome, tonematrix and tenori-on music tech devices for some time now and was pretty blown away when I saw this video. I think the […]

Corey Arnold -> Photography

This past week a friend of mine turned me on to the work of Portland based photographer and Alaskan commercial fisherman and skateboarder Corey Arnold. With so many of us out there ‘life documenting’ and ‘life tracking’ these days it’s really refreshing to come across someone who not only has a great talent and passion […]

Hong Kong Time Lords -> Euan Preston

Hong Kong Time Lords from Euan Preston on Vimeo.
This is a fantastic piece by Euan Preston and Fergus Dingle (Pukka Films A combination of slow motion and time lapse effects taken in Hong Kong move us through busy urban scenery and series of stunning night shots. Shot with a 7D and a variety of […]

Portrait Machine -> Theo Watson

This playful interactive installation was created by Amsterdam based artist, designer and experimenter Theodore Watson. He’s shown his work all over the world at museums and conferences such as the MoMA, Tate Modern, Ars Electronica, The Sundance Film Festival, Res Fest and many others. The concept makes visual associations from different people that are captured […]

Real Time/Anolog Digital Clock -> Maarten Baas

If you find it difficult to take your eyes away from the clock normally, then you may not want to view this memorizing animation by designer Maarten Baas. Each digital number graphic is updated “manually” by a very small figure who seemingly exists within the clock itself. Very fun, worth a view.
Visit ->

Step Into the Sensory Box -> ENVISION

ENVISION : Step into the sensory box from SUPERBIEN on Vimeo.
The above masterpiece was created by ‘SuperBien’ (Alex Mestrot and Tom Chosson) based in Paris, France. The mapping itself is beautifully accurate and creative, the colors are fresh… but the animation FX are to me, what is most mind-blowing. Great particle animation and sound design […]

'So Far Seattle' -> Photo Book Concept

It’s been almost 6 months since I moved to Seattle, I’ve taken a lot of pictures of this amazing city so far. Two weeks ago I realized that I had almost 100 Seattle photos up on Flickr already, so I decided to test print an 84 page photo book to see how it would come […]

Photography + Site Design -> Jean Malek

I came across this excellent flash based photography portfolio site of Jean Malek’s on yesterday. I must have missed it because it was posted a while ago and I frequent the FWA as a source for interactive design trends. Regardless, I love the motion design and full bleed/full screen experience on this site, not […]

Artist -> Jeremy Geddesart

Jeremy Geddesart effortlessly spans the boundaries of reality with his works. His ability to render figures, light and color, is extraordinarily accurate, an then, he administers his own fantasies into the mix. Odd combination’s of lost astronauts and suicidal businessmen with fates unknown and unexplained tend to appear in many of his surreal images, leaving […]

Maestro on Drums -> Levi Maestro

I’ve been following Mr. Maestro for a while now, and I’m always amazed by his super sharp, genuine off-the-cuff delivery and personality.  In this piece he’s offers up some great advice and inspiration in the only way he knows how. If you haven’t checked out yet, you should.
Older […]

Flickr Flow -> Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg

Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg (founders of: used a clever algorithm that they developed for the WIRED Anniversary visualization and a collection of photographs from the Boston Common Flickr stream to create the stunning graphic visualization above. In the short description, their software calculated the relative proportions of different colors from various photos taken […]