Jakob Wagner -> Photography

Jakob Wagner is based in Dusseldorf, Germany. His photography is an endless pool of shots that have been meticulously composed, perfected and produced. His refined post manipulation skills maximize each shot so that they become a true work of art. His subject matter is right up my alley as well, subway trains, traffic trails, big […]

4th Biennial -> Visual Communications

Organized by the Brumen Foundation, the 4th Biennial of Visual Communications is based in Slovenia that showcases print media e.g., call for entries form, posters, the event’s catalog, advertisements, exhibition design, etc… The overall design inspiration was taken from the Brumen Foundation logo and Christian Schwartz’s font Stag. Each basic illustration and pattern was follows […]

Philip Bloom -> Reviews Noktor F0.95 Lens

The Pier: Test shots done with Noktor F0.95 50mm with Panasonic GF1 from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.
Yesterday I posted about the Noktor F0.95 50mm lens… Tonight I discovered that Cinematographer Philip Bloom (one of my favorite people to follow on twitter) has already got his hands on one of these lenses. Just like that, he’s […]

Secret Wars -> World Art Competition

‘Secret Wars’ is a world wide art competition where talented urban artists represent their individual countries. The competition travels from one destination to another where the artists render their creations side by side in front of a large audience, from the pics on the ‘Secret Wars’ website it looks to be quite the traveling party […]

Noktor 50mm Lens -> F0.95 Max Aperture

With digital photography being such a healthy industry these days, you have a ton of people buying up new equipment and fueling new innovation. To me, this is both a good thing as well as a challenging reality to keep up with. I’ve spent the last year and a half trying to determine what camera […]

Dabe Alan -> Five Giants Photography

I first discovered Dabe Alan’s work on http://www.flickriver.com while browsing the many mind blowing photos that appear on the ‘interesting today’ feed. Dabe Alan takes amazing photos of some of my favorite things e.g., Rock Bands, skateboarders and artists. You can really tell from his shots that he’s having a lot of fun experimenting with […]

PlasticBionic -> Julien Brisson

If the name ‘PlasticBionic’ doesn’t have you intrigued then maybe the visuals above will pull you in. 27 year old Nantes, France based designer Julien Brisson has some seriously interesting work percolating on his super tight grid based portfolio site. His typography and graphic design skills are extremely refined and tend to skew a bit […]

Friends of Type -> Typography Sketchbook

‘Friends of Type’ is a group of typography loving friends who decided to share their creative passion and exploration with the rest of the world, via their website. Aaron Carambula, Erik Marinovich, Dennis Payongayong and Jason Wong all contribute their designs to the site where you can browse, comment, rate and even purchase a […]

The Deadly Syndrome -> 'Nolens Volens' Album Art + Release Date

Amazing things are coming from designer, artist and musician Will Etling + his band ‘The Deadly Syndrome’ (Chris Richard, William Etling, Mike Hughes, and Jesse Hoy). I really dig the above album cover yarn installation that was built near the band’s practice space and shot during the day (for the front cover) and again at night […]

Artist/Designer -> Alex Varanese (update)

These are new works that are part of a nine piece series called ‘urban cartography’ created by talented artist, typographer and designer Alex Varnese. I first posted about his stuff a couple months ago here. He’s definitely taken his design work to the next level, this time focusing on a nice blend of 3d rendered […]

Chris Cairns -> Holographic Turntables/Drumkit

Neurosonics Live from Chris Cairns on Vimeo.
On the intro notes you’ll read that the above was a live filming and that there were no post production enhancements made, “what you see is what the audience saw”. Chris Cairns has been working with beatbox musician Beardyman to produce live version of his short called ‘Neurosonics’ that […]