13th Witness -> Flickr Photostream

While browsing some of my favorite Flickr contacts last night I came across some new stuff by Brooklyn based photographer Timothy McGurr aka ’13th Witness’ and decided to post some of them. His work is consistently captivating, diverse, memorable… and he always manages to capture the most genuine of moments. He definitely gives me something […]

Philip Bloom -> on Social Media

Philip Bloom / Social Media from Terry Wilson on Vimeo.
In the video above Philip Bloom discusses his use and overall take on ‘Social Media’. The two words actually make me cringe a little bit these days and I tend to avoid using them in conversation. People seem to get all charged up about the topic […]

Artist -> Dane Lovett

Melbourne, Australia based artist Dane Lovett creates his works using watercolor, acrylic and gouache on different materials.  His technique, though loose and freely rendered still verges on the realm of a photo realistic finish. He combines classic still life elements e.g., glasses of water, flowers and books with electronic and iconic tech items from the […]

Digging in the Crates -> Interactive Installation

Digging in the Crates from WE AIN’T PLASTIC on Vimeo.
This is an innovative and cleanly designed interactive visual interface that is applied to turntables in an effort to explore possible new production technologies for modern music. The video is a bit slow to get started but very interesting towards the middle and end. More detail […]

Julien Rivoire -> BastardGraphics

French based Art Director Julien Rivoire’s online portfolio for BastardGraphics is super clean, fresh and vivid. I especially enjoy the above geometric and iconic poster designs. The website itself is also really well designed and compliments + showcases his graphic style perfectly. Great source of inspiration.
Visit -> http://www.bastardgraphics.com

SNASK -> Papercraft Stop Motion

SNASK from Mike Crozier on Vimeo.
This is a promotional stop motion video created for Stockholm, Sweden based design group SNASK by designer Mike Crozier. It’s a fun watch as the animation literally unfolds, tears and transitions from sheets of paper to colorful boxes and then to a paper model of a pop style t.v. only to reduce back down […]

Rock n' Roll Metro Map -> Infographic

Ever wonder which metro line you travel when it comes to your taste in Rock n’ Roll? I haven’t either… However, it seems, the whole subway/metro line infographic trend works as a visual analogy for an endless amount of categories and genres. This time applied to Rock n’ Roll. Why not? You can click through […]

Reimagining the Roman Coliseum with type -> Cameron Moll

Colosseo: Reimagining the Roman Coliseum with type (Canon 7D) from Cameron Moll on Vimeo.
Shot with a Canon 7D, Cameron Moll nicely documents his painstakingly precise type rendering of the Ancient Roman Coliseum, ‘Colosseo’. Using a classic Vandercook press he discusses the detailed preparation involved as well as the need for quality hand craftsmanship and the […]

the Deadly Syndrome -> Nolens Volens - Now Available

I’m digging the above ‘record release show’ poster designed by Will Etling, lead singer of the fantastic California based band ‘The Deadly Syndrome’. Yesterday they released their new album called ‘Nolens Volens’. All wordy setup aside… it’s a super solid, thoughtful, nicely textured album and I have been listening to it almost daily for […]

Raiki -> Toy Design + 3D Rendering

I came across the above rendering by illustrator Cesc Grané this morning on Yayeveryday.com, it made me realize that I hadn’t seen or been very inspired by any recent toy designs lately. This ‘Raiki’ doll seems pretty interesting to me though. I really like the 3D rendering style and the colors chosen to create the world […]

LoKast -> Disposable Social Net

LoKast is what people are calling a ‘disposable social net’ and was revealed last week at SXSW in Austin. What makes it “disposable” is that you can connect temporarily with the people around you and carry on social interactions such as content sharing and other common activities like voting, chat, flirting, debating… broadcasting yourself in […]

New Media Installation Art -> Kit Webster

ENIGMATICA from Kit Webster on Vimeo.

MORPHOLOGY from Kit Webster on Vimeo.
Kit Webster is an Australian composer and artist who specializes in new media art installation. Using experimental image mapping and projection techniques, he’s managed to create some extremely unique and disruptive works. Kit Webster’s special audio/composition talents become very apparent as the music and […]

Seek and Speak -> Graphic Design/Typography

I can tell Massachusetts based graphic designer Brandon Schaefer not only has a solid sense of typography and design, he also has a playful sense of humor and seemingly, a love for popular culture and science fiction. His works span from movie cover re-dos to clean minimalistic logo type designs. Be sure to check out […]

Artist -> Simon Birch

I really dig these figurative oil paintings by Brighton, England born artist Simon Birch, he’s captured motion, emotion, bold color and amazing light in every one. His brush work, and I think, from the photos his knife work is super expressive, he’s not afraid of great color contrast either. Very cool stuff. If you’re into […]