The Sandpit (NYC tilt-shift) -> Sam O'Hare

There is something wonderful about the contrast of tilt-shift, which makes everything look smaller or ‘toy like’, being applied to BIG NYC scenery. Sam O’Hare has captured some really fantastic HD NYC footage, from multiple vantage points with his Nikon D3. His shoot locations really resonate with me, I actually lived in those blurry buildings across the […]

Nicola Roman -> Photography + Portfolio Site Design

Nicola Roman is a fantastic fashion/editorial/art photographer based in Germany who happens to have an amazing portfolio site as well. Her shots feel very genuine + fresh and her composition, texture and color sensibilities are nothing short of amazing. All around this site is a must see. The simple grid-style presentation is enhanced by nice […]

New Balance -> 365 'Daily Dose'

This is a smart campaign coming from New Balance. Tagging on to the whole ‘Lifetracking 365’ trend, they’ll be posting daily content for an entire year for people to check in and check out. I’m totally aware of what a huge undertaking this will be for them after watching my wife go through her own 365 […]

Haroshi を立ち上げる -> Recycled Skateboard Art

I really enjoy the artwork of artist, skater and designer known as Haroshi. Having grown up a skater and a Super Mario Bros addict I naturally gravitate towards these works in a big way. Each iconic wall mural and piece of sculpture is created from recycled skateboard decks. Glued together, cut and shaped these decks […]

Rubikon2 -> Papercut Pin-hole Camera

The above paper cut-out pin-hole camera design called ‘Rubikon2’ is available here as a nicely designed and detailed 7 page .pdf to download and build for free. Designed by Jaroslav Juřica, the camera folds up to be 98 x 70 x 68 mm and can take some pretty impressive textured shots as seen on his […]

Lumitectura -> Barno

Lumitectura from barno on Vimeo.
This is a pretty interesting technique. There are up to 50 different masks applied to the image of this building that are switched off and on revealing different lighting events that occurred during the shoot time. The natural light changes become an overtly refreshing effect that keeps time with the music (music by […]

Amy Stein -> Photography

In response to a few comments that I’ve received in regard to my earlier post on Amy Stein’s work, it seems that I was under the wrong impression that her photos were not staged… As it turns out, they are in fact staged! Sorry about that folks, I completely overlooked that key detail while […]

Patrick Winfield -> Polaroid Composites

New York based artist/photographer Patrick Winfield has an amazing collection of Polaroid composites and collage works to be seen on his site. His images are built from hundreds of shots, all taken from slightly different angles and positions making the final configuration impressively interesting and a bit ghostly. Incredible stuff… I first came across his […]

CODE Fashion Mag -> Amsterdam

Recently I discovered the website for Amsterdam’s ‘CODE Magazine’ which is distributed in the Netherlands, Belgium, Tokyo and Paris.  Self-described as being a “platform for documentary fashion photography”, CODE is full of genuine, fresh design, typography and photography. On the website (which is slated for a redesign launch in March) you’ll find a bunch of […]

Olympic Village Digital Graffiti Wall -> Tangible Interaction

Digital Graffiti at the Olympic Village from Alex Beim on Vimeo.
This is a nice, vivid digital graffiti wall created by using as seen in the Olympic Village. Definitely well executed and worth a view. Be sure to visit Tangible Interaction’s website to check out some of the other work they’ve produced for the […]

What Type Are You? -> Pentagram

The above screens are taken from an entertaining experience designed and created by world class marketing agency ‘Pentagram’. In short, you add your name, watch a few video segments, answer a few questions and eventually get the result of what font best suits your personality. A pretty fun and well designed experience if you’re into […]

9 0 0 0 -> Typography/Design Flickr Stream

I happened across the Flickr photo stream of L.A. designer/artist known as ‘9 0 0 0’, or ‘9000 Vs 0006’. I haven’t found a ton of information about this person but I have found that I really like their large collection of graphic works on Flickr. Many of the designs contain a great blend of […]

Three Potato Four -> Online Antique Shop

The above images are from the online antique storefront called ‘Three Potato Four’ created by husband/wife team Janet Morales & Stu Eli. With a strong passion for collecting and curating lost objects they moved from their loft in NYC to Reston, Virginia in order to be closer to their family and better afford and maintain […]

Seattle Photo Update -> James Schneider Jr

It’s been almost 3 months now since the big move to Seattle. My wife and I have done our best to get outside, explore the city while at the same time try to acclimate, find everything that was “professionally” but randomly packed + stay on top of our day jobs. We’ve been really lucky to have […]

Thom Kerr -> Photography

From classic pin up shots to new wave fantasy, Australia based photographer Thom Kerr has got a collection of work on his über quirky and refreshing portfolio site that will be sure to keep you entertained and clicking around for a long while. UFOs, zebra, girls with swords, undersea adventures and moments of grandiose interstellar […]