'Vans and the places where they were' -> Joe Stevens

As a setup, or disclaimer for this post, I have discovered that for whatever reason I’m drawn in to older decrepit vehicles, especially vans and especially circa 1970s. I don’t know why. Seems others are as well, probably because we grew up with them. Filmaker and photographer Joe Stevens has pulled together a terrific collection […]

Consollection.de -> Video Game Console Archive

I came across designer Patrick Molnar’s video game console archive site called ‘Consollection.de’ and thought it was pretty fun, simply designed and interesting. Not only does it reveal a bunch of gaming systems that I had no idea existed, it also gives us a nice eye shot of console industrial design trends over the past […]

Sky -> Philip Bloom

Sky from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.
The amazingly talented Philip Bloom has created yet another visual masterpiece filmed in Dubai over 5 days and nights. Using a Canon 7D, 2x5DmkII and one Panasonic GF1, his careful eye and skillful camera work are a pleasure to take in. I’ve been following him for a while and am […]

My Daily Commute -> Flickr Set

I’m a big advocate of public transportation, and have been commuting to work by either a bus, ferry or train for the past 8+ years. I wish that I would have been more into photography a few years back when I was taking the NY Waterway Ferry from Hoboken to NYC across the Hudson river […]

Ujin Lee -> Dust

I find Ujin Lee’s ‘Dust’ series of photographs to be incredibly creative and innovative. I love that he chose to experiment with different environments, I feel each space exaggerates the already obscure  subject matter and then hits me in profound ways that I have difficulty placing my finger on and explaining. In short, to me […]

No Mo' COCO -> Matt Hunsberger

Like a billion other folks, I watched Conan’s last show this past Saturday night, which was for the most part pretty hilarious. Yesterday when I saw the above design by Connecticut based designer Matt Hunsberger it made me laugh and think about how out of control the whole situation was, and what a crazy evolution […]

TheSixtyOne -> Music Discovery

New music discovery site ‘TheSixtyOne’ is kind of like a ‘digg’ only specifically for new music. Once you log in you can listen to an endless assortment of new indie tracks, watch videos, rate and develop a ‘reputation’ and share your new favorite bands with others. The design is pretty slick and I like the full […]

Designer -> Pablo Alfieri

If you only have time to check out one design related site this week, I would say Buenos Aires based designer Pablo Alfieri’s updated portfolio site would be from the top of my list to choose. Along with the smooth site experience you’ll find a ton of fresh, vivid on-trend work that is certain to […]

Vanishing Point -> Takuya Hosogane

Vanishing Point from Bonsajo on Vimeo.
The above video rendered by Takuya Hosogane takes us through a series of interesting cycles of motion graphics. Rolling 3D wire mesh morphing into hovering geometric shapes hold my attention and are interestingly accented by the occasional nervous twitch. Towards the end of the video he introduces a nice range of color […]

Kevin Cooley -> Photo and Video Artist

I have become incredibly inspired by Kevin Cooley’s ‘Light’s Edge’ photo collection. Kevin Cooley is a Brooklyn based photographer and video artist who often collaborates with the talented photographer Bridget Batch. He beautifully captures obscure lighting events in places of dramatic scenery and isolation that to me, seem alien and otherworldly. Myself being fascinated with long exposure night […]

Nike -> True City iPhone App

A conglomerate of talented folks and organizations e.g., -> NewWorkers, Naldisney and AKQA are set to launch an interesting new (FREE) iPhone app for Nike called ‘True City’… seems to be along the same vein of thought that Adidas explored with it’s ‘Urban Art Guide’ app that launched in spring 2009.  Looks like a great concept and an equally nice execution, […]

Polaroid -> One Pic1000

The classic Polaroid self-developing film camera is back with their soon to be released ‘One Pic1000’ instant camera. Since 2007 many loyal Polaroid enthusiasts have been hoping this re-launch would occur. The company plans to release multiple retro-chic designs and has even announced that pop star lady gaga will be the creative director for a […]

Artist -> Nick Lepard

Nick Lepard is an immensely talented painter and graduate from the Vancouver based Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (2008). I’m not certain if what I’m seeing in his works is an amazing ability to control his brush stroke or an amazing ability to let go of the minutiae and relax his brush stroke, […]

The Font Game -> iPhone App

This is a great app for all the “type heads” out there who like to challenge their font identification skills. ‘The Font Game’ contains a gorgeous catalog of about 657 different fonts. You can ‘tweet’ your scores for all to see, reveal the answers and even post your rank to the prestigious ‘The Font Game’ […]

Artist/Designer -> Alex Varanese

I really enjoy the retro-tech fusion happening with Bay area artist Alex Varanese’s works. He merges and reconfigures high-tech and low-tech objects into interesting + unexpected compositions with a kind of aged/retro/distressed execution. It’s just a Nice combination of aesthetics… and I also dig that he’s so loyal to his earthy, orange + brown palette. […]