Creative Process Time Lapse -> Mind Castle

The creative folks at ‘Mind Castle’ in Seattle put together the (below) entertaining and interesting timelapse that gives us a glimpse into their creative process while designing their (above) beautiful self-promo holiday cards, displaying everything from their crafty hand skills to their photoshop mastery. While watching it I was pleasantly surprised to discover some new production ideas, […]

'A Bit of Africa' Photo Set -> Paolo Novelli

I discovered these amazing photos taken by Italian Photographer Paolo Novelli on one of my favorite trend blogs He is calling this collection ‘A Bit of Africa’. I really like his application of tilt-shift photo styling to these dilapidated and underdeveloped urban settings. Makes for a nice merge of old and new… More of Paolo Novelli’s photos can be […]

Mag+ Digital Magazine Concept -> Bonnier R&D

Mag+ from Bonnier on Vimeo.
From Vimeo page:
This conceptual video is a corporate collaborative research project initiated by Bonnier R&D into the experience of reading magazines on handheld digital devices. It illustrates one possible vision for digital magazines in the near future, presented by our design partners at BERG.
Visit ->

Pantone -> Christmas Cards

These Pantone inspired ‘Christmas by color’ Christmas cards were conceptualized by Manchester based ‘Raw Design Studio’. The idea was to take 40 of their best poster suggestions from last year’s contest, let an online community pick their twelve favorites, then produce two sets of greetings cards to produce and sell. For more information visit the sites below.
Visit -> […]

File Not Be Found -> Abstract.k

File Not Be Found from abstract.k on Vimeo.
I came across this reel by Angelo & Daniela Bramanti + Mattia Messina AKA Phonomatt and Luigi Barone of I like the mesh of lo-fi/lo-tech graphics with some interesting organic fan shaped objects in constant motion layered with type. The sound design also helps to keep my […]

All Babes are Wolves -> Kris Knight

I really like these mysterious portraits by Canadian born artist Kris Knight. Their muted color palette combined with the deadpan gaze of each subject draws me in and prompts me to analyze the emotion that has been captured by each skillful brush stroke. He has more works to share on his portfolio site.
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North Kingdom -> Showreel 2009

North Kingdom Showreel 2009 from Designchapel on Vimeo.
The reputable and accomplished design group ‘North Kingdom’, founded by Robert Lindström (Design Chapel) and Andreas Pihlström has released their 2009 showreel. As always the graphics and overall design and motion are super clean inventive and highly inspirational. Definately worth a view or two if you’re working in […]

Christmas Sweater Collection -> Lars Holdhus

The whole nostalgic humorous ‘Christmas Sweater’ phenomenon is just a fun once a year holiday party garnish for most of us, for Holland’s Lars Holdhus it seems that he has taken this idea much further and has a huge collection of sweaters + an impressive site to view them all at. He’s also looking to […]

Photographer -> Chris Engman

A new friend turned me on to the work of Washington state based artist/photographer Chris Engman. Many of his photos are taken in the scenic desert region of eastern Washington. His subjects range from lonely hand-built half frame houses to conceptual arrangements of repeating geometric shapes that are placed in contrast within very natural/organic backdrops like the examples above. I like this […]

Casio -> Vibration Alarm Wrist Watch

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any interesting wrist watches or gadgets. This particular model called the ‘Poptone Vibration Watch’ caught my eye the other day while doing a little online holiday shopping. As you’ve most likely gathered by the name it’s unique feature is that it has a vibrating alarm. Pretty cool for […]

Cruschiform Collaborative -> Design Blogspot

Though I’m not completely certain of the stakeholders and overall purpose of this French blogspot interlinked collaboration because of the language barrier, I am certain that I like it. Four blog partners have come together to create this art and design blog that seems to focus on different styles of illustration, design, typography and even […]

Cannondale Dutchess -> Bicycle Design

Cannondale has partnered with designer Wytze Van Mansum to produce this innovative new woman’s bicycle called the ‘Dutchess’. The most noticeable design enhancement is the crank system, breaking free from a traditional exposed sprocket this ‘integrated transmission’ system is concealed by the organic frame tubing and all gears live within the back hub. I’m sure […]

Elliot Studio -> Design/Photography

Montreal based design studio ‘Elliot’ definitely has some disruptive things going on. The below H1N1 Thanksgiving themed photo shot by photographer Martin Flamand caught my eye and I had to take a closer look at their website in order to find out what they were all about. The site design is right up my alley, […]

Outside The Box -> Joseph Pelling

outside the box from joseph Pelling on Vimeo.
We all catch ourselves saying lame “corporate speak” things from time to time. In fact, just today I found myself saying the old “out of the box” thing at one point. I don’t think it was too shameful in the context that I had used it but I […]

Retro Illustration/Design -> 64 Colors

I’m very into the work by by Michigan based design duo Laura and Eric of ’64 Colors’. The work is so well done that it almost looks as if it had been sitting in your ex-roommate’s brother’s hairstylist’s elderly uncle from Hong Kong’s basement suffering from water damage for the last 48 years. The line […]