Exterior Lighting -> Iluma Mall, Singapore

crystal mesh from autokolor on Vimeo.

The Iluma shopping mall in Singapore has recently been wrapped in 3000 high tech polycarbonate modules that are illuminated by fluorescent tubes, making for a truly amazing effect. The polycarbonate modules are geometrically shaped like crystals, giving the outside skin of the building an interesting scaly appearance on top of the […]

Workspace -> Photo Documentary

In honor of ‘the Monday morning’, I’ve decided to post on Joseph O. Holmes’s genius photo documentary called ‘Workplace’. The collection celebrates the many different spaces that we all go to each day in order to make our living. Joseph O. Holmes plans to expand on this collection over time, he currently has an interesting […]

Octopus -> Nevercrew 2009

The Switzerland based mural artists Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni known as the ‘Nevercrew’ are filmed creating this amazing Octopus in a huge skate pool accompanied by the sounds of ‘Vampire Weekend’. This short video is definitely a pick me up + makes me long for those Summer days again. Worth  view.

Visit -> http://www.nevercrew.com/

Visit -> […]

Adidas Originals -> Facebook Blog

2 million+ people have become a fan of Adidas’s Facebook group page called ‘Adidas Originals’. I wanted to make quick mention of the experience b/c it’s very smart and inline with some of my own thoughts on how to maximize a brands FB presence. It functions as a cross marketing/brand building vehicle for Adidas conveniently […]

Inspiration Source -> Custom Facebook Pages

Following a similar model to my long time favorite flash experience gallery FWA, this grid-based site called ‘Customfacebookpage.com’ surfaces and displays interactive experiences that are designed specifically for facebook. Often called hubs, group pages or sitelets the pages are designed to net the fish that travel daily through facebook waters and intended to act as […]

Salva Lopez -> ‘Razzmatazz’ Photography

It’s very seldom that we experience the messy aftermath of a good party or concert. Most times we pick up and move on before the space empties out. That’s what I like about Salva Lopez’s series called ‘Razzmatazz‘. He’s showing us a glimpse in time that takes place after a once vibrant space of celebration […]

Denver to Singapore (and back) in 5 minutes -> David DAngelo

As our mobile technologies become more and more advanced we are afforded the ability to document our experiences at an even greater degree than ever before. No longer will a few pictures be our only source of nostalgia when referencing any given event from our past. Here we see David DAngelo record his trip from […]

Vincent Perrottet -> Typography + Poster Prints

After looking through French designer Vincent Perrottet’s works on his unique full-frame portfolio site, which I ♥ btw… I have decided that he is indeed one of my new favorite sources of inspiration for typography and poster/print design. Everything from the fonts, photos and colors he chooses appeal to me greatly. I enjoy the interplay […]

Nobody Told Me -> iPhone Wallpaper

Having some extra time a few days ago on an airplane trip I createed this quick type layout using John Lennon’s lyrics to ‘Nobody Told Me’ as a background image on my iPhone. I decided it would be fun to share my creation. The far left color option is available on my Flickr stream via […]

Nomiya Restaurant -> Paris Cityscape

This interesting + elevated restaurant design called Nomiya is perched upon the top of the Palate of Tokyo in Paris and was designed by Laurent and Pascal Grasso. It’s glass walls are beautifully lit and programmed to subtly change color over the duration of the evening while it’s dinner guests within enjoy the classic Paris […]

Mayer Hawthorne/Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out -> Midweek Music Bump

Today’s 32nd ‘Midweek Music Bump‘ is by the amazing LA based ‘Mayer Hawthorne’ with his heartbreaking track ‘Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out’. As we all know, things often change in life. Relationships, bowling partners and sometimes things as insignificant as your hairstyle. In the end it’s what keeps life interesting, and as the Mayer say’s […]

Khuong NGuyen + Creative Sweatshop -> Papercraft Installation

The above papercraft installation + overall set design was designed by Creative Sweatshop and photographed by Khuong NGuyen. These well crafted images have spread through the design blogosphere at a rapid pace the past couple of weeks because of their relevance and alignment with current papercraft trends + very spatially dynamic and inspirational. You can […]

Lost Below -> Mato Atom

Lost Below from Mato Atom on Vimeo.

This animation rendering by CG artist Mato Atom is well worth the view. Lines of different thickness and rate of speed come together in beautifully simplistic figurative forms over a limited palette background accented with silhouettes of foliage that occur in negative space. That’s the best that I can […]

Hudson Mohawke -> Drum&Bass/Electronica

It’s been a while since I’ve been excited by any new drum&bass/electronica, but this stuff coming from UK based ‘Hudson Mohawke’ is explosively good. ‘Hudson Mohawke’ is comprised of a pretty large group of djs, synth heads and beat analysts -> Anthony Chopkins, John Computer, Itchy, Hudson Mo, Hudson_Mobile, Kirk T, Peter Quistguard, Mo-Mac, Conan […]

FOWD -> Future of Web Design

I really wish I didn’t have so many things going on this November, the lineup for this year’s FOWD future of web design conference is really impressive with names as big as Joshua Davis and Bill Buxton. If you’re in the industry, in NYC and looking for a solid conference (which are hard to come […]