Timothy McGurr -> 13th Witness

The work of Brooklyn based photographer Timothy McGurr is in short, amazing. He’s a master at capturing impossible seconds and being in the right place at the right time. I especially  ♥ his atmospheric shots that he has taken in and around the NYC area, full of color and mystery. His web presence is also […]

Beethoven 5th Symphony -> Graphic Visualization

I can imagine that Beethoven would have been very interested to see his music visualized through this graphic animation. Each colored bar represents the musical instrument that is being played at any given time of the score. While viewing I was reminded of how brilliantly complex this composition actually is. The graphic itself that is […]

Graphic Illustration -> Robert Samuel Hanson

The illustrative works by Robert Samuel Hanson range from bustling graphic city scapes to thought provoking minimalist graphic posters. His decisive renderings are meticulously arranged and composed creating playful graphic patterns accented by vibrant shapes of color. Have a look at more of his works via the link below.
Visit -> http://www.robertsamuelhanson.com

Vampire Weekend/Cousins -> Midweek Music Bump

Today’s 34th ‘Midweek Music Bump‘ is by the over-adrenalized ‘Vampire Weekend’ cranking out a track called ‘Cousins’ in a back alley in what looks to be in NYC somewhere. I’m feeling this track b/c it’s super energetic and exactly what I need to get me through this week as I travel all over the damn […]

McCann Malmö Tilt-Shift -> Colorama – Makeover

This is a pretty amazing tilt-shift short by agency McCann Malmö. They take the shooting style to the next level by adding in the effect of a giant hand that enters the scene and interplays with the action in humorous ways. Below are some behind the scenes shots of the production of this video, revealing […]

Bike to the Beach -> Mike Matas

This is another fine example of a ‘Lifetracking’ time lapse video by Mike Matas while taking a trip to the beach on his bicycle via Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. The video was shot in HD with a Canon 5D Mark II mounted to his front bike basket. Great scenery and color throughout the […]

Artist -> Sam Gibbons

I’ve recently discovered the work of surrealist artist Sam Gibbons. I enjoy all the detail that comes from his amazingly tangled and involved paintings. You can spend a lot of discovery time on each one, I find that as you piece together the imagery you start to uncover a complex and abstract story behind each […]

The Pop-up Book of Phobias -> Don Vanone

If you like pop-up books and horror stories, or just horrific things in general you’ll enjoy this quirky pop-up design by  Don Vanone. The above vimeo video gives you a nice page by page preview of the book. You may want to turn off the volume or listen to some music while viewing b/c the […]

Little White Lies Issue 26 -> Where The Wild Things Are

‘Little White Lies’ is a magnificently written, curated and illustrated UK based bi-monthly independent movie magazine. To celebrate the recent movie release of ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ they have dedicated the entire issue #26 to the movie. From the few spreads that I have seen the magazine issue has the potential to be as […]

Uniqlo -> Heattech/Down Storefronts

Urban clothing company Uniqlo always delivers a little more that expected when it comes to displaying their online collections on what they call ‘special sites’, this season is no exception. Uniqlo has two really interesting ‘special sites’ sites up for the upcoming holiday season that you should check out. One featuring their cool weather clothing […]

Look Inside -> Twitter Headquarters

I recently happened across these images of twitter’s new offices in the SoMa district of San Francisco on limitedhype.com. It seems to be pretty sweet. I really like the clean environment dressed with bold color, occasional bird mosaic, deer bust and even a DJ booth. It must be a really nice environment to work in. […]

Atelic -> Duckeyejey

Shot with a shot Canon D5 MKII with a manual 25mm Carl Zeiss lens, this is a motion control test film by DuckEye (directed by Simon Paul) and developed from ‘Iatrogenesis’ created for Rambert Dance Company’s ‘Season of New Choreography’. Pretty interesting effects and worth a view.
Visit -> http://www.rambert.org.uk/

Painter -> Dave Kinsey

The artwork of Pittsburgh native gone Californian Dave Kinsey is explosively dynamic, multilayered and deeply textured. His process involves a mix of brushed paint, spraypaint, markers and other mediums that work together really well. He’s got a bunch of his new works and old on his site to view. Great inspiration.
Visit -> http://www.kinseyvisual.com

Grizzly Bear/Ready, Able -> Midweek Music Bump

Today’s 33rd ‘Midweek Music Bump‘ is by Brooklyn based chamber pop choir boys ‘Grizzly Bear’ with their melodramatic + atmospheric track ‘Ready, Able’. The surreal story told by the stop motion animation was beautifully rendered and directed by artist Allison Schulnik fitting the songs mood perfectly. That’s why I’ve selected this track for this week’s […]

Que Houxo -> Live Black Light Painting

Japanese live painter Que Houxo creates these organic and glowing compositions on the fly and in front of an audience with fluorescent paints + black lights. Worth checking out. I first saw this on yayeveryday via today and tomorrow.
Visit -> http://www.quehouxo.com/
Visit -> http://www.flickr.com/photos/questa_huova/