Night Photography -> James Schneider Jr. (continued)

A couple weeks ago I posted some of my night shots here on the blog. I’ve continued to take shots since then, now I am less focused on capturing streams of light in traffic and having a good time just capturing different subjects and forms of light in interesting composition. A little streaming light here […]

'Futuretainment' -> Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh has definitely coined the word ‘Futuretainment’ for himself with his new bold graphic book about the future of business. The book’s bold promotional site ties in all the usual social media suspects very nicely and tells the story of how the creation of the internet, mobile and social has changed our digital landscape […]

D*Face -> Brooklyn Showing

Highly influential London based urban artist D*Face discusses his medium and his thoughts on his latest gallery show in Brooklyn, NYC (Jonathan LeVine Gallery) and how he’s utilizing the actual space to get people to interact more with his art. If you haven’t seen any of his stuff before, check out his site.
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Middle Boop -> Poster/Print Design

If you ♥ retro type, paper collage, vintage imagery and bold color (who doesn’t?) you’ll want to go check out the work of designer Gordon Reid. His works are beyond inspirational when it comes to thoughtful collage composition and experimental typography. I dig his blog as well. Go see ->
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Robert Williams -> Vans Vault x DQM

Robert Williams: Vans Vault x DQM from Jared Abe on Vimeo.
Taking the idea of customizing shoes to a whole new level Vans & artist Robert Williams collaborate on a special art shoe release. The new shoe will release in extremely limited quantities (13 pairs) at The Tony Shafrazi Gallery, NYC. Hand-painted & hand-signed -> DQM […]

ARTotale -> Broadcasting from Lüneburg

The above urban stencil art is just a small sampling of art created by one of 35 artists from around the globe who have come together to create and document artwork in Lüneburg, Germany. They are documenting every day of the event by taking tons of pics and uploading them to their online gallery, tweeting […]

The Parisians/Time For Nothing More -> Midweek Music Bump

Today’s 30th ‘Midweek Music Bump‘ is by Paris, France based band ‘The Parisians’ called ‘Time For Nothing More’. Directed by Nicolas Davenel and Thomas Delebecque, visual effects by Vincent Papaix. This dizzying frame by frame video is littered with interesting moments as you reverse through endless scapes that range from urban to countryside. ♥ the […]

Processing Light -> Geometric Renderings

I came across these images on the other day and discovered that they really held my interests. After doing a bit of digging I found that they are geometric light renderings in 3d created by artist, software developer and researcher karsten schmidt at These renderings were curated by ‘Maxalot’ and shown in 2008 […]

Flightpattern -> Gwen Vanhee

This beautiful hand drawn audio responsive video exploration was designed and developed by designer Gwen Vanhee. There are more examples of his work on his site and his vimeo page. Very interesting studies and well worth the view.
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Andy Awesome -> Art and Design

I tweeted about Andy Awesome’s work last week and it was passed around and RT’d a few times so I decided to post his stuff on the blog as well. Andy Awesome creates these, well… awesome graphic pop icons on 40’x40′ canvas, painted with acrylic. You’ll find that everyone from Batman to Mario Bros […]

CARDBOARD -> Motion Tracking Animation

I came across this video the other day on Vimeo and was pretty impressed with the integration of these fidgety cut-out cardboard creatures into the real-life street scenery. The animated composites are really well done and the added effect of motion-tracking makes it believable. Worth a view.

'LAIKAFONT' -> the Dynamic Font

Designer, programmer and inventor duo Michael Flückiger and Nicolas Kunz have developed a dynamic font system/interface that they are calling ‘LAIKAFONT’, as part of their bachelor thesis study at Bern University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland. The font is modified through many different outside forces e.g., motion, weight and even some obscure tests from the […]

Maxalot -> Wallpaper Collection

I’m not even sure where or how I found this site last weekend, but I saved it in my delicious bookmarks and discovered it today while browsing ideas for a good Friday post. Must have been a late find last Saturday evening… Regardless, Amsterdam based curator Max Akkerman founded ‘Maxalot Gallery’ and their web presence […]

BMX LED -> Downhill Rotterdam

Two BMX related posts in one week! BMX’ers Mark Vos and Boy Janssen pull some crazy, unbelievable, death defying stunts in Rotterdam. I’m not even sure if what I’m seeing here is trickery or for-real!? You’ll have to check it out for yourself to decide. I really dig the LED bike lighting effects, it just […]

Skinny Ships -> Typography, Design and Illustration

L.A. based designer and illustrator Richard Perez is ‘Skinny Ships’. He’s worked on large corporate marketing projects as well as smaller more custom projects e.g., indie rock posters and album covers that you have probably seen examples of in the past few years. His Type skills, eye for color and illustration abilities are amazingly classic […]