IONZ -> Digital Persona Generator

São Paulo based agency ‘ionz’ has developed a well designed, playful and surprisingly fresh feature on their website that acts as a digital lifestyle persona generator of sorts. You can customize it a bit and even export your chart as a desktop image. Typically, I’m a bit annoyed by little ‘intro’ experiences like this, but […]

Hasselblad -> H4D

Not too long ago I posted about the new Leica M9, now available for a cool 7K. I caught a lot of flack for that post on Facebook as the Leica (as I stated) is not the most economically sound decision to make when comparing to other cameras on the market… People wanted to re-enforce […]

Girls/Lust For Life -> Midweek Music Bump

Today’s 26th ‘Midweek Music Bump‘ is a quirky rock jangle by San Francisco based band ‘Girls’ called ‘Lust For Life’. I like the low-fi film quality that is reminiscent of something that an old school Lomo camera would produce and the cast of characters shown in odd scenarios mouthing along to the lyrics. Up-beat and […]

Timescapes Timelapse -> Mountain Light

This past August filmed the above amazing time lapse video in California’s White Mountains and Yosemite with a Canon 5D2. Each slow time lapse pan of the camera is carefully designed and lit with amazing celestial/natural light. “Jaw dropping” are the wards that come to mind. I look forward to seeing his full length […]

Hirzberger Events -> Digital Wallpaper

This is a very cool short documentary of the construction of ‘Hirzberger Events’ digital interior decor by Strukt Design Studio. The project was created by use of seamless geometry mapping projected by two HD projectors. The end result is visually stunning and brings the entire interior space to life. I love seeing all the fresh […]

Graffiti by Hush -> Newcastle

I saw these unique works by graffiti artist ‘Hush’ on and decided to post them. I really like how distruptive they are amongst other more typical works of graffiti art. The bold color and simplicity of his graphic elements are reminiscent of facial characteristics of Japanese Menga illustration and instantly create an iconic, almost […]

Brett Wilkinson -> Illustration

British illustrator Brett Wlikinson creates “A world of flowing forms and vivid colours presented as ultra clean graphic imagery” (as stated on his website). I would have to agree completely. He has an amazing talent for creating bold graphic imagery that brings to […]

UnitedFakes -> Handcraft Love Land

Handcraft Love Land from UnitedFakes on Vimeo.
Design group ‘UnitedFakes’ is yet another fine example of ‘Handcraft’, ‘Popcraft’, ‘Designcraft’, whatever we’re calling this trend in paper craft design. Seen here in their ambitious design project titled ‘Handcraft Love Land’, you see bustling streets, smoky chimneys and wonderfully detailed layers of Urban terrain that seem to spill […]

Martin Plonka -> Design/Typography

London Based designer Martin Plonka has some really nice typography examples in his most recent portfolio or ‘Playground’ as he calls it. His designs range from extremely experimental and organic to clinical and more utilitarian. A great destination for inspiration if you are looking to re-invent something through type. I also like the grid style […]

Blu and David Ellis -> Collaborative Animation

This collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis is almost endless. layer after layer of surreal faces, shapes and mysterious happenings unfold and spill over an old abandoned courtyard offering pure entertainment for our eyes to soak up. It’s really pretty remarkable in many ways beyond just the amazing artwork. I would have loved to […]

Natalie Conn -> Photographer

REALITY. Some of us live in it, some of us claim to and some of us avoid it like the plague. I’m in the camp that some things seem ‘more real’ than others and that what makes something seem more ‘real’ is the impression or impact of impression that is left when exposed to any […]

I Have the Flu -> Documenting Symptoms Type

While I was stuck at home sick yesterday I decided to render my ailments by means of a simple typography exercise in order to take my mind off things. As I stacked the symptoms it began to take the shape of an old mercury thermometer. So I went with that. Maybe today I’ll interpret my […]

Dell's -> Beta Version

Along the same vein as other group/community blogs (like below) this grid-based designed blog ‘Motherboard’ designed by and sponsored by Dell Corporation focuses on technology, art/design, gaming, environment and a category they call ‘wonderful’ which is pretty much a catch-all for things that are… wonderful I guess. At first glance the content seems […] -> A Place For Forward Thinking Terrestrials

It’s not everyday that you come across a website so interesting and so inspiring that you lose complete track of time, forget to make dinner and do the upcoming week’s laundry. That’s pretty much where I found myself the other evening after clicking through some of the content and postings on is […]

Dan Deacon/Paddling Ghost -> Midweek Music Bump

Dan Deacon – Paddling Ghost from Natalie van den Dungen on Vimeo.
Today’s 25th ‘Midweek Music Bump‘ is an over-caffeinated exclusive re-edit by extra-terrestrial experimental digital composer ‘Dan Deacon’ called ‘paddling Ghost’. The video was directed by Natalie van den Dungen, who has worked on some pretty impressive puppetry and surrealist video work in the past. […]