Grant Hamilton -> Polaroid Photography

The Polaroid photography of Grant Hamilton is graphic, full of bold color and very well composed. He captures small segments of street signage and other random everyday objects to create these wonderful little works of fine art. The old-school Polaroid ads a nice retro appeal to the collection. Many more beyond the link below.

Visit -> […]

Layar AR -> Global Release

Big things happening on the Augmented Reality front as Layar announced the opening of it’s API to developers last week. Layar handed out 50 developer keys to select innovative companies from around the world. Taken from their press release -> “with a key it will be possible to create and publish digital layers within the […]

Animal/Miike Snow -> Midweek Music Bump

Today’s 20th ‘Midweek Music Bump’ is a track by Miike Snow called ‘Animal’. The video was shot with some nice image mapping technology which I have posted about a few times in the past. It’s fun to see that technology start to grow into different uses. Nice up-beat track as well. That’s why it’s this […]

Brokelyn -> Living Big on Small Change is an innovative response to our unfortunate economic state. It serves as a shopping guide, dining guide and a just about anything life can throw at you guide for saving cash when many of us are having to cut back on our daily lifestyles. I really like how the site’s content is localized by […]

Inorganic Flora -> Macoto Murayama

Macoto Murayama has created the above series of flower images in 3D wireframe. His renderings expose the complicated inner workings and structural beauty that is often overlooked and over-simplified by us as we look them over on any given spring or summer day. I really enjoy how he has chosen to highlight certain details with […]

NIKEiD -> Configurator

No surprise. Nike is still king of personalization, customization and the online configurator. I quickly designed the above shoe on Nike’s latest configurator for the NIKEiD line with ease. I liked the outcome so much that I decided to save the design for a possible future purchase. Some other nice things I like about this […]

Alexandre Farto -> Urban Art/Urban Art Guide

Portugal based artist Alexandre Farto’s urban faces emerge like ghosts from plaster walls, old billboard postings and various other urban settings. His work was brought to my attention on Facebook by way of Adidas’s Urban Art Guide group page, of which I have become a big fan of. I like that Alexandre Farto’s work has […]

Frank Plant -> Wire Drawings

I first took notice of Berlin based artist Frank Plant’s work the other day on and was pretty intrigued by the amount of detail he is able to pull off considering his complex process. He starts with hand drawings of figures and then moves on to creating each figure with sheets of metal that […]

Toy Soldiers -> Alta Media Productions

Toy Soldiers from Alta Media Productions on Vimeo.

The highly entertaining tilt-shift video above was created by Paris based production company Alta Media Productions. I find the use of tilt-shift while documenting a military parade to be highly animated and very satirical. At one point there is a series of smoke trail flybys from what I […]

Painter -> Gregory Thielker

Washington DC based artist Gregory Thielker takes the photo-realism genre of painting to a whole new level of liquidity with his collection of recent works. Creating a realistic illusion of any given image or environment is difficult enough to pull off with a clear unobstructed view, let alone through an organic, unpredictable, light refracting layer […]

No New Tale To Tell/Love and Rockets -> Midweek Music Bump

Today’s 19th ‘Midweek Music Bump’ is a classic track from the 80’s and one of my personal all time favorites called ‘No New Tale To Tell’ by the now legendary ‘Love and Rockets’. Over time the lyrics in this song have really proven to be useful and applicable in life, providing even more guidance than […]

Arndt Menke- Zumbragel -> Woodway Bicycle

At a time when we are seeing sustainable materials being used for almost anything and everything, Berlin based designer Arndt Menke- Zumbragel is no exception and has created this beautiful bicycle frame from wood tubing. Weighing in at only 2.3 kg this fully functional bicycle is as much as a work of fine art as […]

Rush Hour London -> Chris Searson

Rush Hour London from Chris Searson on Vimeo.

This is a well done time lapse film by London based Contemporary Lens Media graduate Chris Searson. Trains, autos and people all captured at interesting moments during their daily scurry to either get to work or get home from work. Great musical score selection as well. Worth the […]