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Apple isn’t kidding when they say “there’s an app for that” in their iPhone app store campaign. The problem is that there really are about a zillion apps out there, if you’re like me you like to try a lot of them out and sometimes have a hard time keeping a clean app house on your iPhone. Those little glassy icons may be pretty, but I don’t care how well designed the logo is, when there are 16 to visually filter through per page they tend to muddy together. This new app called ‘Movement’ may be the answer. Movement allows you to arrange all of your apps with ease from your mac desktop. Major disadvantage -> It does require a jailbroken iPhone. However, I do see this type of app becoming a necessity and am guessing Apple will either build it in to the iPhone (like iTunes is to music) or a developer will build an app that organizes your own apps (i palindrome i).

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