(capsule) Artist -> Mike Perry

(capsule) is a fashion and lifestyle trade event that features the latest/greatest new fashion designers and labels from around the world. As I was clicking through their site I noticed that they had commissioned Brooklyn-based artist Mike Perry to illustrate his vision of the (capsule) community. I thought it was a pretty nice piece and […]

Michael Corridore -> Photography

The photography work of Michael Corridore captures people who have literally become consumed by their passion for the Auto Culture. Thick plumes of smoke create scenes that could be mistaken for scenes of urgency and tragedy, instead these folks have subjected themselves willingly in order to catch a glimpse of monster fire breathing hot-rods […]

Josh Keys -> American Surrealist

I first took notice of Josh Keys in one of my new favorite art culture mags ‘Hi-Fructose‘ (Vol. 12) this past July. After obsessing over the article in the magazine for a while I decided to jump on to his website, I’m glad I did. There are even more of his tripped out naturalistic/urban scene […]

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. -> Chris Cairns

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. from Chris Cairns on Vimeo.
This incredible short was written and directed by Chris Cairns and produced by Bonnie Anthony. In short, it’s proof that a few heads (not just two) are better than one. There are a few ‘production stills’ on their website, along with detailed credits that you should check […]

Movement App -> iPhone App Organizer

Apple isn’t kidding when they say “there’s an app for that” in their iPhone app store campaign. The problem is that there really are about a zillion apps out there, if you’re like me you like to try a lot of them out and sometimes have a hard time keeping a clean app house on […]

Frederik Vercruysse -> Open Spaces

The work of Belgian based photographer Frederik Vercruysse seems a bit sterile at first glance, then the depth, light, color, repetition of shape and pattern resonates and, at least for me they become very much alive and powerful. His works subject matter spans from busy highway scenery to various architectural spaces all captured with a […]

Miracle Man/Cocosuma -> Midweek Music Bump

Today’s 21st ‘Midweek Music Bump’ is a track by Miracle Man called ‘Cocosuma’. This highly detailed stop motion video was shot and directed by J-A-C-K. There are plenty of swirling skulls, burning candles and some odd highly accessorized vegetables to keep your attention. That’s why it’s this week’s ‘Midweek Music Bump’.
Miracle Man -> Myspace
Past […]

1958 Urago Bicycle -> Coopertechnica

As I sit here waiting for the rain to blow over and for the pavement to dry a bit so that I can go on a bike ride, I’ve decided to dip into David Cooper’s bicycle collection on coopertechnica.com once again. This time we’re looking at an extremely rare French made 1958 Urago Bicycle crafted […]

Doodlers Anonymous -> Drawing Network

I love the premise of this online network of Doodlers. It’s a great way to share, compare and collaborate sketch phase ideas amongst friends who share the same doodling addiction. From ‘About’ page -> “Doodlers Anonymous was founded to celebrate our addiction, and like any other, we’re hooked. The need to draw, sketch, and doodle […]

8-Bit Trip -> Lego Animation

From the description on the YouTube page this video animation took 1500 hours of moving/shooting legobricks to produce. The final product is an intense, colorful 8-bit Karate lesson of sorts. Pretty entertaining and worth the view.

Kevin Cyr -> Derelict Cars and Unkempt Landscapes

Brooklyn based artist Kevin Cyr pulls his inspiration from “derelict cars and unkempt landscapes”. I really like how his work maintains a clean graphic look despite the weathered and unruly subject matter. His paintings feature vans, delivery carts and even a bike/camper hybrid that he has actually built as a fully functional sculpture piece. I’m […]

Maestro Knows -> Content is King

‘Maestro Knows’ is an online show based around skateboarding vlogger personality Levi Maestro’s day to day life. Documenting urban skate and urban culture, style and fashion trends while skating around town is what he’s known for. Initially his vlogging took place primarily Los Angeles, his popularity has gained him some extra travel opportunities and is […]

iPhone App -> Sonar Ruler

Sonar Ruler Demo from cc laan on Vimeo.
Similar to how a bat detects objects while in flight, this iPhone app called Sonar Ruler sends out sound clicks and measures the time it takes to return to its microphone, then displaying a fairly accurate distance reading. Pretty sharp. I wonder how this technology will evolve? Could […]

Photographer -> Richard Mosse

The first time I went to view Richard Mosse’s work on his website I found myself completely absorbed and pretty much blown away, I looked at every photo and watched almost all the videos in one sitting. His photos offer an extremely rare glimpse into a world that could only be fabricated by the atrocities […]

Let Yourself Feel -> Esteban Diácono

let yourself feel. from Esteban Diácono on Vimeo.
This stunning animation project by Argentina based Visual Effects designer Esteban Diácono was inspired by the music of Olafur Arnalds. The CG visual effect was rendered by means of Adobe After Effects, particular v2, soundkeys and a little starglow. As the animation unfolds quotes from Brian Eno, Stefan […]