1974 Harry Quinn -> Touring Bicycle

This is yet another one of David Cooper’s classic bicycle gems from way back in 1974 (oh lord, my birth year, and probably holding up better than I am…). This 34 year old road frame is about as classy as can be and would be an amazing commuter bike for some lucky, smartly creased, khaki “type A-ster” (you heard it here first “type A-ster”). Sorry to go off on a stereo-type but I’ve seen a lot of those Brook’s ads lately. This bike is the real deal though. Complete with a classic Campagnolo triple front crankset, Keith Hellon fabricated rear rack and those sexy Marsh hiduminium handlebars. This is NOT your “I’m going to hit the pub and crash into a tree on the way home” bike, to me, it’s more of a “I’m going to the Café to read about ancient philosophy and look complex” bike. In all seriousness, this is a wonderful piece of timeless machinery and well worth the attention. Detail pics below:
Notes from Coopertechnica.com:
The Harry Quinn was originally painted black. A prior owner had painted it blue, but masked off the decal area. I had the frame aligned and restored by Argos in the original black enamel finish, with replacement decals from H. Lloyd cycles. I built the bike up with a mix of components including a Campagnolo triple front crankset, a first generation Campagnolo Rally rear derailleur, Reynolds Marsh hidumiminum handlebars, Lycett Swallow saddle, Dunlop stainless rims, Campagnolo hubs, and Mafac cantilever brakes. Keith Hellon fabricated the rear rack.

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