Alexandros Vasmoulakis -> Athens Painter/Illustrator

Alexandros Vasmoulakis was born in Athens in 1980. He studied fine arts and now works as a freelancer with various European companies. On his portfolio site he states that his main purpose in life is to communicate. I like that. It seems like a simple endeavor to take on, right? Judging from his paintings however, […]

KASHIWA SATO ||| 佐藤可士和 -> Design Inspiration

Kashiwa Sato is one of the most prolific Creative Directors in modern Japanese history. His website ( is a great resource for design inspiration of all kinds -> environmental signage, packaging, logo-type, poster design, product design, typography, fashion design, etc… The website itself is a nice creation as well, once you get the hang of […]

WOOD -> MCBess and Simon Landrein

WOOD from mc bess on Vimeo.
The above music video animation was created by illustrator/designer Matthieu Bessudo, aka Mcbess and his sidekick Simon Landrein. The combination of 3d animation and the retro-billy-biker illustration really captures one’s attention as Matthieu Bessudo’s band ‘The Dead Pirates’ rock out with authority. Be sure to check out MCBess’s site while […]

1974 Harry Quinn -> Touring Bicycle

This is yet another one of David Cooper’s classic bicycle gems from way back in 1974 (oh lord, my birth year, and probably holding up better than I am…). This 34 year old road frame is about as classy as can be and would be an amazing commuter bike for some lucky, smartly creased, […]

Zensify -> Launch Preview

Zensify is an app that has been long awaited by many in my opinion. No longer are the days of having to deal with a unique app for every social net experience that you partake in. Zensify will allow you to:
– view all your social networks in one timeline
– update Facebook and Twitter simultaneously
– perform […]

The next layer on the stack -> Fred Wilson

The next layer on the stack… from Social Media on Vimeo.
This is a short but well said statement on the topic “what’s the next social media layer?” delivered by Fred Wilson (VC and principal of Union Square Ventures). His views are very much in-line with what I have been thinking for some time. The biggies […]

UpNext 3D NYC -> iPhone App

Combine a 3d Google Earth-esque map with a navigate by building digital directory and you have the above UpNext 3D NYC iPhone map app. Once you have located the bar or restaurant that you plan to hang out at you can send a tweet with your GPS location to all your “tweeps”. This app is […]

Photographer -> Jena Ardell

Jena Ardell is a bi-coastal freelance photographer who has the knack for creating images that appear to have been taken in the 1960s or 70s, when in reality most of her images were taken in the past few years. I find that many of her photos pull me into a kind of distressed technicolor dream-state […]

American Analog Set/The Only One -> Midweek Music Bump

I’ve started to post music every Wednesday in an effort to keep the week rolling (We’ll see how long this lasts). Here’s how I’ll call it out, “Band X -> Midweek Music Bump”. I’m pretty much doing it already, I may as well make it “a thing”. Right? I’m not looking to create a theme […]

New Yorker cover (June 1st ) -> Created With iPhone

Is there any more genius of a way to tap into the iPhone trend for the New Yorker Magazine than to produce their famous cover art entirely on an iPhone? I don’t think so. Artist Jorge Colombo drew this digital finger painting at Times Square with the app Brushes. The final image is actually really […]

Philips' 'Carousel' -> A Frozen Moment in Time

Carousel from maxime caron on Vimeo.
This amazing moment captured in time was created by Tribal DDB and Stink Digital. The interactive spot was created to promote Philips’ latest TV, the CINEMA Tribal DDB. Visitors to the interactive experience can travel through the film’s single-take shot, stop on a specific frames, or to just watch the […]

Map The Fallen -> Google Earth

This Google Earth 5.0 project called not only displays how many brave men and women have fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan it also provides you with information on how they were killed, where they fell and a bit about who they were and where they were from. On a day when remembering is so […]

Death Cab for Cutie -> Little Bribes

Death Cab for Cutie – Little Bribes from Ross Ching on Vimeo.
This video is full of great eye-candy -> city lights, stop motion, light painting, M&Ms dancing wildly… all to a peppy track from a great band (Death Cab for Cutie). It’s all happening. Definitely worth a view or two.
Side note: it sounds like Ross […]

Isolated Building Studies -> Flickr Set

Commercial Building with L — Isolated Building Study 4

I love a good inspiring Flickr set. This ‘Isolated Building Studies’ set created by David Schalliol is no exception. By following a consistent template and composition David Schalliol has beautifully documented a large number of buildings from the South Side of Chicago. Many of the […]

Phoenix/Lisztomania -> US Album Release May 26th

I know. Don’t worry, I’m not suffering from short term memory loss. I did post Phoenix’s track ‘1901’ on Wednesday as the ‘Midweek Music Bump’ and now two days later I’m posting another one of their tracks ‘Lisztomania’. It’s not an accident, I really dig these guys and I haven’t been this interested in an […]