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I have seen mention of this site typenesting.tumblr.com spread across the internet pretty quickly in the past week. Lot’s of design blogs and typography blogs have picked it up. The website shows many different examples of birds that have set up homes in outdoor signage. I’m posting this because it makes me wonder -> If birds are going to constantly set up nests in outdoor signage, on building tops, on lamp posts etc… why haven’t we started to build nesting places into our designs? It seems to me that we could help our feathery friends out a little by designing them into our structures. We could probably come up with a simple vessel that could support nesting while at the same time keeping our signage and structures aesthetically clean. No? Maybe I’m reaching a bit. I have been thinking about this a lot lately since this Vulture visited me outside of my window at work (30 floors up). Send me examples of bird/animal friendly architecture if you find any. Thanks!
Visit -> http://typenesting.tumblr.com/

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