Mapped Video Projection -> Galerie der Gegenwart

Galerie der Gegenwart from Thorsten Bauer – urbanscreen on Vimeo.
A few days ago I posted about an HD projection group called “Digital Slaves” -> “Visual Scenography -> Digital Slaves [Institubes]”. I was pretty amazed at the brilliance and detail that their HD projectors were delivering. The above video is a related post that I took notice of recently b/c of the high quality and rich detail of the projection as well, only in this case a much larger scale and outdoors. Worth a view. I was unable to find a lot of information about this piece, I’ll keep digging and post more info later.
More information visit ->
Notes from Vimeo:
Mapped video projection on the “Galerie der Gegenwart” commissioned by Kunsthalle Hamburg in 2008.

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