Recycled Car Hood Tables -> Joel Hester

The striking metal table above was fabricated from the hood of a 20+ year old car. Joel Hester creates tables, armories and bed frame sets out of recycled car hoods/parts. I like the idea of giving our forests a breather and building furniture from objects that would otherwise just be sitting in a junk yard somewhere. The options are endless. Wouldn’t it be fun to own a table that was created from part of a DC-10 or an old hull from a ship?
Check out his site ->
Tables on Re-Nest ->
Notes from Joel Hester’s site:
We are a small company specializing in handmade steel furniture. Whether choosing the industrial feel of new blue/grey steel or the reclaimed sheetmetal of 20+ year old American automobiles, you will end up with an heirloom quality piece of furniture that is truly one-of-a-kind and only available at The Weld House.

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