Serial Cut -> Image Makers Since 99

The online portfolio of Serial Cut is wonderfully nontraditional, it transcends the laws of what designers have been traditionally trained to display in their portfolios. I find their selection of work to be very freeing and personal, something I will definitely keep in mind as I update my own online presence here in the next […]

3D Immersion Simmulation -> IDEO Labs

Amazing 3D immersion technology from IDEO Labs on Vimeo.
This project coming from the brilliant minds at IDEO and Eon Reality features some very exciting spatial/visual effects. It senses the location and proximity of the user and in return adjusts the visual depth of field simulating a persons natural spatial comprehension. The only criticism I have […]

Type Makes Good Home -> Typenesting

I have seen mention of this site spread across the internet pretty quickly in the past week. Lot’s of design blogs and typography blogs have picked it up. The website shows many different examples of birds that have set up homes in outdoor signage. I’m posting this because it makes me wonder -> If […]

DJ Innovation -> Spinning iPhone/AR Record Player

Spinning vinyl ipod app from Theodore Watson on Vimeo.
This app has not released to the public yet but I bet a version of this app will become available soon as I see it as being pretty marketable and full of potential. It was created in response to Todd Vanderlin’s amazing augmented reality scratching concept (shown […]

Deerhoof/Tears and Music of Love -> Midweek Music Bump

I’ve started to post music every Wednesday in an effort to keep the week rolling (We’ll see how long this lasts). Here’s how I’ll call it out, “Band X -> Midweek Music Bump”. I’m pretty much doing it already, I may as well make it “a thing”. Right? I’m not looking to create a theme […]

3D Computer Interface -> Electrostatic Tracking

3D Computer Interface from Free Flow on Vimeo.
We’ve seen data transfer from human body movement to the computer before. It’s very common for 3D studios to cover subjects with tiny sensors in order to map and track motion. This particular inventive contraption interests me because it tracks motion without the need for sensors or […]

Mark Winkelmann's -> "Subprime"

subprime from beeple on Vimeo.
This is a brilliant visual commentary by animator Mark Winkelmann (of Beeple) called “Subprime”. It depicts the evolution and inevitable burst of the American housing market. It was created on Cinema 4D and is his first 3D animated film which took five months to complete. The sound track is from a […]

"You fade to light" -> OLED Installation

“You fade to light” – OLED Installation from rAndom International on Vimeo.
This OLED interactive display acts as a large scale image reflector or giant digital mirror. It captures the basic shape and motion that exists in front of it’s screen and then projects the images through OLED squares in different shades and levels […] -> a Facebook Project

Matthew Genitempo (from Public School) and Public School friend Jonathan Standefer have launched an experimental site called Lamebook. From notes on -> “Lamebook is for fun. And the name says it all: They post lame pictures, status updates, and other gems they find on Facebook©.” They plan to post updates and new […]

1899 Columbia Model 59 -> Antique Fixie

I came across this this amazing piece of history while browsing one of my favorite time-killing bicycle web destinations Fixed Gear Gallery is a running picture gallery of fixed gear bikes from all over the world that is updated daily (currently about 9,400 posts). I’ve seen some pretty wild creations. If you have a […]

Mapped Video Projection -> Galerie der Gegenwart

Galerie der Gegenwart from Thorsten Bauer – urbanscreen on Vimeo.
A few days ago I posted about an HD projection group called “Digital Slaves” -> “Visual Scenography -> Digital Slaves [Institubes]”. I was pretty amazed at the brilliance and detail that their HD projectors were delivering. The above video is a related post that I took […]

Philip Bloom -> The rapping flight attendant

Bloom’s Blog Part 4: The rapping flight attendant from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.
I’ve mentioned it before in earlier posts about the importance of always carrying a camera, every second of the day (within reason of course). Philip Bloom recently captured this footage of “the rapping flight attendant” by doing just that during his trip to […]

Motion Design -> Zurich29

Zurich29 Art Direction, static & motion design is an amazing destination for design inspiration that I found on the other day. Great organic typography and illustration, playful motion, beautiful lighting throughout. I’m personally, currently into the look and feel of how type and graphics look when an interesting DOF (depth of field) is captured […]

Recycled Car Hood Tables -> Joel Hester

The striking metal table above was fabricated from the hood of a 20+ year old car. Joel Hester creates tables, armories and bed frame sets out of recycled car hoods/parts. I like the idea of giving our forests a breather and building furniture from objects that would otherwise just be sitting in a junk yard […]

Time Square Streaking -> Matt and Kim

That wacky pop duo Matt and Kim. They just keep delivering the unexpected. Seen here in this video stripping down in Times Square like it’s their job. This video does make me wonder what exactly is going on in the world with all […]