Fubiz Redesign -> Site Reel

Fubiz Redesign from Mattias Peresini on Vimeo.
In my last post in regard to the Pantone bags I made mention of www.Fubiz.net. Doing that reminded me of seeing this demo reel of the Fubiz site redesign a while back. It’s a great source of inspiration to those of you who are in the business of […]

Pantone -> Messenger Bags

I came across these nice Pantone Messenger Bags on http://www.fubiz.net yesterday. If you are a designer of any kind these bags should resonate with you right away. Pantone was founded in 1962, when the company—at the time a small business that manufactured color cards for cosmetics companies. Today it is the designer’s trusted source for […]

PROOF -> twitter is Faster than the Media

This post is for all of you who are still wondering what the point of twitter is. Yesterday, I was once again awakened by twitter’s speed and usefulness when news broke of the 4.3 Earthquake in California (San Jose). I had twitter spy.appspot up surfing my usual catch all keyword “trends” and was suddenly flooded […]

Android YARB -> Robotic Blimp Controlled by Google Android Phone

This video proves many things:
1. No matter how smart you are, you should probably clean your house up a little before you YouTube your latest tech creation
2. One should probably build a smaller blimp in order to fit it into your line of view (go from 5.5 to 3.5 maybe?)
3. Call a friend to help […]

Flickr Visualization -> Observed

observed from kitschpatrol on Vimeo.
I’m an avid Flickr user and have seen a lot of really interesting visualizers lately. The visualizer above utilizes photo tags as genetic material creating an interesting sort of photography survival of the fittest scenario. Read the below notes from Vimeo for more detail:
An ecology of Flickr images, perpetually evolving inside […]

Anamanaguchi! 8bit Rock -> Get Your Retro Pixel Fix

This 8bit Punk Rock band from NYC called Anamanaguchi! uses a hacked 1985 Nintendo NES to create their music. It’s retro goodness through and through. Guitarist/Programmer Peter Berkman, Ary Warnaar and James DeVito, create some really catchy Pixie/Weezer inspired digital delight by tweaking the NES’s soundchip. From what I have read their live show […]

Attack of the Fresh Squid Space Men -> Oh My!

This is just pure heaven for me to watch. It reminds me of of the Voltron-Godzilla-Go Bots-Transformers T.V. that I mainlined into my brain during my childhood. Originally I could only find a version w/o subtitles but a friend of mine was able to find the version above. Needless to say it makes much more […]

I Married a Monster from Outer Space -> Trailer 1958

We all make mistakes in life. Some bigger than others. This retro video trailer from 1958 depicts a desperate scenario of a young woman who has mistakenly married a monster from outer space (I call them Aliens). It’s so sad to think that someone could make such a huge mistake like this but I guess […]

Hill Bombing -> Only Fly

Only Fly from Alex on Vimeo.
This incredible footage was created by a few riders from the “Riders Fly” longboard team bombing a long stretch of road (somewhere in Spain). I love the fish-eye lens effect and the hand passing of the cam during the run. The sound track is perfect as well and captures the […]

Environmental Art? -> LED Sheep

This rather “campy” but pleasantly original video was filmed in the hills of Wales and was supported by Samsung. Hundreds of sheep were dressed in blankets of LED lights for the simple purpose of creating a light show visual that has probably never been seen before by mankind… and maybe to promote the use of […]

It's Your Ride -> Commissioned by Hutchinson Tires

It’s Your Ride from Cinecycle on Vimeo.
This is a great video for all you cyclists out there who are getting psyched for the warmer weather riding months. The director Daniel Leeb tells the story of two different cyclists with an amazing array of brilliantly designed urban shots flooded with rich natural light and bold color. […]

Converse Illustrators -> Jeff Bowman, Andy Miller, Barrie Iman and Mathew Hodson

converse illustrators @ Office Glasgow and London from Orange Dot on Vimeo.
Above, illustrators Jeff Bowman, Andy Miller, Barrie Iman and Mathew Hodson design window murals on the windows of Converse stores in Glasgow and London. I enjoyed watching these guys do their thing. My favorite quote from this video was “we’re going to do this […]

Our Modern Lifestyle Is Killing Us -> Richard Dawkins & Randolph Nesse

As I sit here watching this interview with Randolph Nesse on YouTube “The Genius of Charles Darwin” I start to understand why my eye’s are so horrible and why my back causes me so much surprise trouble. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty healthy at my age. My Dr. say’s I’m the perfect weight, I […]

The Miserable Rich -> Live in Little Italy (NYC)

Humble Soul in America – Busking from Wasp Video on Vimeo.
This is the Miserable Rich trying to earn a few extra dollars in Little Italy, New York City. 17th March 2009. I like the trend of live pop-up performances. It’s a really nice way to get an honest feel for a band. No road […]

Timelapse Demo Reel -> by Pixel's Revenge -> ridindave

Pixel’s Revenge timelapse demo reel from ridindave on Vimeo.
I “tweeted” this the other day w/o really letting myself digest how amazing this video by Pixel’s Revenge actually is. After my third or fourth view it hit me that this is definitely one of the best time lapse pieces that I have ever seen. I love […]