Fun Or Dumb? Graffiti (1976) -> by Skip Elsheimer

Fun Or Dumb? Graffiti (1976) from Skip Elsheimer on Vimeo.
I had to post this ridiculous retro graffiti video from 1976 called “Fun or Dumb?” (created by Vancon Films). The first mind blowing thing that I noticed when I viewed this video was the Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory sounding soundtrack. I was waiting for […]

Brand new BMX edit.! -> by Anton = Clean, Fun, mindless Friday veiwing

Brand new BMX edit.! from Anton on Vimeo.
O.k. I’ll come clean. Mom, Dad, I hope your not reading this one. I spent easily 15% of my college years watching skateboard and BMX videos with my friends. From beneath our dorm room door and lingering down the hall emanated the tribal-esque sounds of young hairy unshowered […]

John Maeda -> La Fondation Cartier, Paris 2005 and beyond

John Maeda’s ‘Nature’ – La Fondation Cartier, Paris 2005 from Designflux : Devoted to Motion on Vimeo.
I have been interested in John Maeda for a few years now. John Maeda is President of the Rhode Island School of Design and serves on the board of trustees for the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. He […]

Winged Suit BASE Jumping -> Vimeo

wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.
About a year ago, a friend of mine sent me a video showcasing these crazy winged suit BASE jumpers in Norway. Seen flying through the air at over 100mph, barely dodging massive cliffs and mountain peeks… I was was pretty amazed and mesmerized by it. The video above is […]

BBC Lomo Documentary 2006 -> 2009 Compact Camera Trends

Check out all episodes -> Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7
Above is part 1 of a 7 part BBC series on the “Lomo Movement” from 2006. I remember when these BBC videos first came out (I was shooting with […]

Fire (Jimmy Edgar Remix) -> by Erik West -> Tilt-Shift Video

Fire (Jimmy Edgar Remix) from Erik West on Vimeo.
In regard to my tilt-shift photography related post a couple weeks ago “Everybody’s Tilt Shifting – and I like it”. This video called “Fire” by Erik West is another interesting example of this trendy photographic/film style. Shot in Milwaukee, WI, during a pretty significant snow storm, all […]

Celebrities and World Leaders Make Out -> On Twitter

Lately, it seems that every few days I hear some chatter of yet another celebrity presence on one of the core social networks. Obama on Flickr, Britney Spears on Twitter, Elvis on Second Life… Kidding about Elvis. You may have heard the odd rumor a few months ago that the Dalai Lama was on Twitter […]

Enjoy it while you have it -> Macroworld of Bali

Macroworld of Bali from Alex.Be. on Vimeo.
Macroworld of Bali from Alex.Be. on Vimeo.
There is not much to say here. Enjoy it while you can. Beautiful underwater cinematography from Alex.Be.

Powder Mountain HD -> Northern Utah

Powder Mountain Perspective from Ian Provo on Vimeo.
It’s February already, and as expected I have started to see 09 footage created by the fortunate souls of the world (the Ski Bums) start to pop up on Youtube and Vimeo. My Ski Bum phase was during my college years. Unfortunately, these days I rarely get out […]

Siftables -> Mah Jongg-esc Music Sequencer

Siftables Music Sequencer from Jeevan Kalanithi on Vimeo.
I’m really excited at how music and technology continue to merge in interesting ways. It really pleases my inner-nerd to discover a new musical gadget or gizmo. This time in the form of a series of chips or dominoes called “Siftables”, created by David Merrill and Jeevan Kalanithi […]

St. Charles Bridge, Prague -> 360 Cities

view Panoramic photography of Prague
A few months ago I found the panoramic photography site called 360 Cities. I know, there are a ton of these panoramic sites out there. What sets 360 Cities apart from the rest of them that I have seen is the variety, quality and the ability to filter through the thousands […]

If I only had more time -> BOOMBOX by Ely Kim

BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo.
Not much to say here. This very inventive, roughly edited short by Ely Kim is hysterical and incredibly addicting. I love the concept: 100 days, 100 songs, 100 locations, 100 […]

The Attack of the Robots of Nebula 5

the attack of the robots from nebula-5 from Chema García Ibarra on Vimeo.
This Sundance Honorable Mention film created by Chema García Ibarra (from Spain, 2009) is pure genius. From the well designed black and white Alfred Hitchcock-esc style of cinematography, the retro doomsday robot story line, the dreary-monotone narrative and the odd-ball awkward hero character. […]

The Magic Bus Stop -> by Philip Bloom

The Magic Bus Stop: Test short with EX1/ Shoot 35 SGBlade from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.
I posted a week or two ago about Phillip Blume’s video “Alone in Tokyo”. After a little Friday afternoon surfing I noticed that Philip Bloom had a new HD video up on Vimeo. I thought I would throw this one […]

Twestival – Tweet.Meet.Give – Minneapolis Feb, 12, 2009

Last night was Twestival 2009 in Minneapolis at local Sake joint Moto-i (and in 185+ other cities around the globe). Remember? I posted about how I was looking forward to this event a few days ago. Anyway, ZB and I decided to venture out and partake in the gathering of the “Twitter heads”. After all […]